Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Live from Facebook! Episode 1: Morality, Judgement and Kanye West

Kanye West is MTV News' Man of the Year for 2010! Undeniable music, brilliant tweets and one ambitious short film put 'Ye back on top in 2010.

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    • and blatant disregard for one Taylor Swifts" feelings.
      Nice job MTV. Way to celebrate decisions made
      in haste (and while hammered).
In our first episode of LFF, we here at What Up Wally? would like to celebrate MTV's man of the year - Kanye West! From a broken star to a risen hero. 'Yeezy has not shy'd away from his mistakes or made excuses for his behavior. Contrarily, after the embarrassing fiasco at the MTV awards, he canceled a lucrative tour, disappeared from the public, and reemerged with everyone's top album of 2010.

    While having a toast for the "douche bags," 'Ye once again pushed his creative limits, enlisted an all star cast of MC's, released half the album for free, and proved to us once again that hip-hop music is an art form. Kanye's catalog is the most compelling argument that hip-hop music is music, and deserves the same respect of all other music forms.

    More than his music, 'Ye the man, is a public illustration of the individual within society. We are selfish, arrogant, depressed, successful, creative, religious, and amoral. We act hastily, disregard our best friends feelings, judge each other, stick up for our friends, lose loved ones, fall in and out of love, commit adultery, stay committed, say the right words, and do the wrong things.

     Kanye West reminds us all that we are human and if we look at Kanye through different lenses - we should be inspired. Yeezy went from the most despised celebrity in America the the most celebrated artist of 2010. He did this through hard work, remorse, introspection, shameless self-promotion, and in the end by believing in and being true to himself. 'Ye is a man that knows what he wants but also knows who he is. He is ashamed of his actions but refuses to let his mistakes keep him from pursuing perfection.

     So, as my good fried responded to my post with disgust that MTV could choose such a man as the man of the year, he expresses an inability to view himself as Kanye. Looking at the world through the moral lenses of the Christian worldview leads to these brash judgements about individual behavior and ignores the multiple dimensions of the personality. More importantly, by judging the actions of Kanye, the moralist, places himself above the rapper, and denies that he himself has never acted hastily and "while intoxicated."

    Maybe we should focus less on the "sin" of each other and look at the way that we overcome that "sin" and the character that is built from learning from our mistakes.

Sooooo.... Let's make a toast to the "Douche Bag," "ass holes," "scumbags," every one of them that we know!

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