Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The WhatUpWally? Top Ten Mustache's of All Time

So....... Who Wants a Mustache Ride??

In today's Live From Facebook episode, What Up Wally? would like to reflect on the societal importance of the mustache. Unlike many BookFace posts, the mustache always seems to elicit strong emotions from the populace. From envy to creepy, the mustache represents different meanings for different people. Truly a modern marvel, the mustache has not been celebrated for its sex appeal, manliness, versatility, or for it's sheer cool factor.
Today that changes with the official:

WhatUpWally? Top Ten Mustache's of All Time

1. Tom Selleck- The Utlimate Mustache Sex Machine
2. That Guy from Dazed and Confused: That's what I like about College Station - I keep gettin older and the girls stay the same age!

3. Ron Burgundy....DUH!
4. William Howard Taft: 27th Prez and Born in Cincinasti!

5. Jordan's Hitler stache: Still can't figure this one out

6. Dennis Eckersley: The Side Armed Stache

7. Geraldo: REPSECT
8. The Hawk: Big Bat Bigger Heart
9. Don Mattingly: Second Best First Baseman of All Time
10. Mike Schmidt: If Pete Rose never played for the Philly's -
This man would be the best Philly of all time.... Believe that!

So remeber folks, the mustache isn't just another theme for a pub crawl or something funny to do as groomsmen. The mustache is not just a hipster trend that goes well with fix geared bikes and mullets. The mustache is not just some style your dad sported with bell bottoms...NO! The stache is RESPECT! SEX! and all things GANGSTA!

Live From Facebook presents Episode 2: Who Wants a Mustache Ride??

JM: Who wants a mustache ride?
SM: That's is a classic wally hart look. He had that look back in high school peps.
ML: Respect!
RGW: Really?? Is this what grad school does??
MK: I can't decide if this is the best picture or worst picture I've ever seen.
SC: Looking good Wally. Didn't you just get busted for selling a book entitled "How to be a Pedophile?" I thought you looked familiar.
Wally: @SC - humor does not mask your stache envy
SC: The stache? I want that jacket!
Wally: Best $10 I have ever spent!

AM: that stache is boss man....stach-tastic indeed

VVH: sweet stach
JL: Stauche!!!
KL: Amazing! And it's not even attached to a beer bottle!

MK, CBC, CC and 2 others like this.
CAA: Whoa! Wally!!
KM: add some glasses and you'll look like a pedophile
KV: the stash looks great with the grey cubicle in the background. ;)
MD: Did you lose a bet?
RRB: Ewwwwww old man!!!
JLMP: respect .
TH: This is you while I was enjoying summer beer on the patio, hope you had fun in the office with no windows :)
KC: hipster
MB: Very Mario, lmao
WS: wow- you look very different than i remember you! haha!
HL: daaaaaaaaaaaaaang
RS: Eh-gads! I guess you finally decided to apply for that under-cover CIA job, huh? I'd hold off on that E-Harmony subscription for a while......


Lane Jatzlau said...

Fantastic Stachography. What was MJ thinking with the Hitler stache? The least baller thing he's ever done (minus the betting on basketball and being forced to "play" baseball for year)? Absolutely...

WhatUpWally? said...

I was just informed that I left out Rollie Fingers!

Anonymous said...

What about Wilford Brimley?!