Thursday, December 30, 2010

Carlitta Durand - Nostalgic Nights

Introducing Carlitta Durand

If you follow music blogs, you understand the difference between those that introduce you to life changing artists and those that give you a few gems among many overhyped underdeveloped artists. is one of those sights that always delivers artists that approach their music from a different angle than anything else you've heard.

I downloaded Carlitta Durand's new album yesterday and haven't stop spinning. Durand combines elements of jazz and r&b to create a sound somewhere between Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys but not really like either of the two legends.

Track 8 stands out because of the jazzy instrumental, hard drums, dope female rhymes, and layered vocals.

Head on over to okayplayer and download this album... which has probably entered into my Top Ten of 2010.

Download the album here
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