Monday, February 14, 2011

Arcade Fire, Radiohead, and Growing Old

Getting older is a realization that the things we looked forward to as kids may never really happen. Not that I couldn't still play first base for the Yankees, but who would want to be a stupid major league baseball player anyway? Nevermind.

What we sometimes lack is the ability to get excited about new things. We begin to sound like our parents as we comment on how the new band is not original, they are just a recycled version of Nirvana. As we grow older, all that is new seems to be old, and that which is old brings comfort to our minds. The world changes and when our favorite bands change with the times, we become unsettled - maybe even angry. But even after Bob Dylan picked up an electric guitar, Aerosmith recorded Love in an Elevator, and MC Hammer joined Death Row, we are still comforted by the memory of their first album and excited to hear the latest album for the first time.

WhatUpWally? would like to dedicate its excitement about the new Radiohead album to all the people who were upset that Arcade Fire's Suburbs was not as good as Funeral.
Radio Head - King of Limbs will be released digitally this saturday @

We hope you enjoy being excited!



MC Hammer - Pumps in a Bump


Unknown said...

HAHA! We like the girls with the pumps in a bump! love the swimsuit :-)

grayson said...

list of radiohead albums from best to worst ...

one ... kid a
two ... ok computer {this is their opus and most critically acclaimed record ... but i still dig kid a more}
three ... the bends
four ... amnesiac
five ... in rainbows
six ... the king of limbs
seven ... hail to the thief
eight ... pablo honey

point is ... i think the king of limbs is a four out of five ... an 8.7 out of 10 ... a pretty damn good record.