Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Money Making Jam Boys - The Prestige

Black Thought Goes In
and Brings Along Some Friends
The good folks at What Up Wally? have been vigorously attempting to catch up on all the great albums from 2010 that we missed. Meanwhile 2011 has informed the world that it is annoyed with all the talk about how great The National, XX, and Sleigh Bells are.

So what has 2011 done to stake its claim of musical supremacy? Well... It finally released A new Talib Kweli album for $7.99 on Amazon, organized one of the illest Coachella festivals lineups in the history of festival lineups, released some killer albums from industry vets like The Decembrists, and beefed up its internet presence by giving away some free EP's that are 10 times better than most official releases! All of this and we still have Dr. Dre's - Detox set for release this spring (I'll believe it when I hear it)!!!

Some new albums that have kept the office excited about life include:

1. Cold War Kids - Mine is Yours
2. The Decembrists - The King is Dead
3. Smith Westerns - Dye It Blond
4. Cage the Elephant - Thank You Happy Birthday

1. The Break Science - Further Than Our Eyes can See
2. McKenzie Eddy - Prelude to My Next Excursion
3. Tabi Bonney - Postcard from Abroad
4. Soulful! - Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks
5. Hot Sugar - Muscle Milk [Free EP]

BUT, This is not about what has been or will be, this post is all about the most outrageous mixtape to drop since, well, maybe ever. Ladies and gentleman - What Up Wally? would like to introduce you to hip hop's best new super group:

The Money Making Jam Boys
The MMJB are the latest project from The Roots lyrical murder, Black Thought. He is joined by 4 of the most respected MC's in the game: Dice Raw, Truck North, STS, P.O.R.N. A few tracks leaked a few months ago and I knew this would be a classic. If you have purchased any Roots album, you will recognize these names.

What makes this mixtape important is that it is Black Thoughts first real step outside the shadow of The Legendary Roots Crew and, everyone's favorite drummer, Questlove. Many people consider Black Thought one of the illest MC's in the history of hip hop and he backs up those claims with his homies: The Money Making Jam Boys.

Money Making Jam Blog,

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