Thursday, February 24, 2011

Emilio Rojas Best MC in the Game?

Emilio Rojas towers over the new school of MC's. No one can touch his lyrical abilities. Check the mixtape below.

Hip hop is exploding with young talent right now. Creative artists are pushing the limits of rap music and re-energizing a genre that has long been stale.

This is the video for the lead single from Emilio's Life Without Shame Mixtape. Ex-Girl is a remix of the Black Keys Next Girl and Rojas does the track justice. The video is a little graphic but it is a great visual representation of the song.

WARNING!! If you are in your office... You may not want to watch this video!

Emilio Rojas Ft. Mickey Factz, "Ex-Girl" 
This is easily the best mixtape of 2010

Bonus Album: This is Emilio's first mixtape

Hope you fools enjoy this junk as much as we do!


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