Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Culture Evolving

American culture has lamented the decline of the music video since MTV evolved from Yo!MTV Raps and Headbangers Ball to The Real World and The Flava of Love. But as video representation of music has evolved in the post MTV era, those involved in pop culture should be more excited than ever. Youtube and other outlets have freed musicians not only to express themselves creatively but have also created space for new artists to break into the mainstram from anonymity.

Artists have the opportunity to move past the 3:50 minute video that must adhere to corporate guidelines to sell advertising. They have been freed from the restraints of commercial culture and are exploring new avenues of creativity.

TV on The Radio released their new album Nine Types of Light today. The album itself lives up to the expectation set before it, but exceeds all cultural expectations by releasing a full movie which is the visual representation of their musical creation. It is a video for all of their songs, but combined in a concept that reads as a story.


Bonus: Kanye West - Runaway Full Lenght

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