Saturday, April 23, 2011

Family Matters

Not sure why I am posting this, but I am feeling very thankful today. Maybe it is the holiday weekend and I am away from home but I hope this may inspire others to tell the ones they love how much they appreciate them. It seems like we (as random people) only show our gratitude at specific times. When loved ones die we tell stories about how much they meant to us. When good friends move away we tell them why we wish they would stay. We ell our friends how great our family is but sometimes we just forget to tell our actual family how great they are. 

My father is an amazing man. Those of you that know him, know this well. He is selfless and always puts others in front of him. I have watched him lead a life of love that I can only hope to replicate. He is a man that has succeeded against all odds but more importantly he has helped others overcome the obstacles in their lives. People like my father are few and far between. I am privileged to know a number of great men. Famous men. Successful men. And I would not hesitate to put my father in the category with any of them. 

Some people know that life is more than a bank account, prestige, homes, cars, and country clubs. None of those things are bad but they are not all that there is in life. I have watched my father live a life that is successful without arrogance. A life that is driven to achieve but humble. My father is the reason that I have achieved anything. 

This weekend, WhatUpWally? would like to remind everyone to tell your loved ones how much they are loved.

Hey Dad,

In many ways I feel like I have let down our family by being so far away but I am thankful for the way you raised me. I know it may not seem like it because I am so distant. It is hard for me to be home in Cincinnati but I miss you greatly.

I don't know if you realize how great of a man you are. You are my inspiration. All OF the great opportunity and experiences I have had in my life have been because of you. I feel like you raised me to experience life to the fullest and I feel like I am!

Do you realize that I have been all over the US to Europe, to Mexico. I am getting my PhD! MY PHD! A kid like me should never have the opportunity that I have... but you have made sure that I succeed.

Sometimes I am sure that it looks like I am floundering and have no direction but I need you to know that I am deliberate about the things I do. I want you to know that I am always trying to be a good steward of the opportunities you have given me. Your sacrifice has made me who I am and I feel like I can be proud of the man I have become. I always hope that you are proud of me as well!

I have never apologized for leaving Hart so abruptly. I want you to know that I am thankful that you bailed me out of the position I was in. I really wanted to be the person to take over the family business. Maybe I am a coward and can't deal with life at home. I don't know. But I do want you to know that I am thankful. I am thankful that you got sober when you did. I am thankful that you have always taken care of me and looked after me. I am thankful that my father is a man of compassion and integrity. I am thankful that my father is humble. I am thankful that my father thinks of others before himself.

I have met a lot of fathers - rich and poor. I have met a lot of fathers that are successful and prestigious. I have never met a father with your strength and compassion.

You are my rock.


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Anonymous said...

Wally ! That is beautiful. Your father is a wonderful, compassionate, selfless man. He has helped and provided for many. I am so glad you know the real man he is. He is the real deal.
I also admire him greatly.
We are very blessed.
We are very fortunate.
Thank You for this post.
Happy Easter (about another selfless man we know)
Love You Wally !