Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kaya - Imperfections EP

Like Hearing Alicia Keys for the First Time

The WhatUpWally? receptionist found this EP on Okayplayer this morning and we had to share it. It is like hearing an Alicia Keys before she became famous.

Here is what they said at Okayplayer:

I’m posting this EP today, three days after it dropped, because I’ve been too busy playing it non-stop to realize I never posted it. Little did I know, Eternia, the flame spittin’ T. dot emcee, has a sister with some serious musical talent as well. E put me on to singer/songwriter Kaya by way of her first EP, Imperfections. The project is described as “a collection of raw, unmixed demo’s & draft songs, recorded at home and released in their unfinished & imperfect form” … hence the title. The songs might be demos, but there’s nothing at all amateur about this music, give it a listen… or 20, like I have.

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