Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Youth Leaders Rejoice: Celebrating the 50th Year of The Newsboys!

The WhatUpWally? office was buzzing early this morning as everyone logged on to their ITunes in anticipation for what unexpected album would be released today (tuesday is generally the favorite day of the week around here). 

Nothing could prepare us for what was to come.

After a few minutes of previewing a new Ben Harper song, debating which Death Cab album is the best, and downloading the new Holy Ghost! album.... all of the sudden we heard an OH SHIT!! from the game room. One of our writers was previewing a new Newsboys album and the song was a cover of DC Talk's Jesus Freak. The room stood in silence as we listened to the band give an almost perfect rendition of the youth group classic. After listening to a few other generic tracks such as Born Again, One Shot, On Your Knees, Mighty To Save, and Save Your Life, we all crowded around for a google search to find out a few important facts:

1. Newsboys are on twitter: twitter.com/newsboys 
2. Newsboys are on Facebook
3. Like all good Christian bands... one of the members is wearing the outdated faux hawk
4. You can download the Newsboys new album Born Again "Miracles Edition" (Which I am guessing is the Christian equivalent of the Deluxe Edition). 

4.1. The only real miracle about this album is that there is still a market for my favorite 6th grade band. Not only a market but Todd Rhoades gives his "Miracle Edition" download 5 stars exclaiming "yet another great album by the Newsboys!" Really Todd? Is it a great album? Better question what are the other great Newsboys albums you speak of? Would one of the great albums be the 1990 classic Hell is For Whimps? Or would it be the exlusive remix album Go Remixed

5. The fifth most important fact is that I could probably still sing "Shine make em wonder what ya got, make em wish that you were not, on the outside...." word for word

6. And this is what finally made my cubicle mate internally combust: The Newsboys are now a Christian super group with DC Talk's Michael Tait (you know the black guy... no not Toby Mac) as the lead singer!!!!!! 

NO! Seriously! Check out the website: Michael Tait to Join the Newsboys.

Now youth leaders all over the nation can celebrate as the two most important Christian bands of the 90's combine forces to deliver power punched songs that almost sound like what is on the radio and junior higher's all over the nation can fill Six Flags and jump up and down to celebrate being a Jesus Freak once again!

And who said Miracles didn't exist??

To celebrate this blessed Tuesday, WhatUpWally? would like to recommend the top three Newsboys albums of our collective youth:

Not Ashamed (1992)
Not that the cover alone doesn't speak to the albums greatness, but with songs like Not Ashamed and Boycott Hell it is hard to not place this as one of the all time great Christian albums. 

Step Up to the Microphone (1998)
"Step it right up to the microphone, I say Hey now..."

Take Me To Your Leader (1996)
The lead track, God is not a Secret, sets the NBoys on an aggressive quest to share their secret with every Christian Book Store in the world!
Eagerly anticipating the next Audio Adrenaline album,


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