Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Listening Party | The Apple Juice Kid & Freebass 808

The Apple Juice Kid

While most of the WhatUpWally? office grinds away on final papers for the spring semester, a few of us have found some time to surf the blogs for new shiznit. Luckily - one of the WUW? office's favorite producers, The Apple Juice Kid, dropped another album with Camp Lo MC Suede. 

Freebass 808 is an interesting fusion of atmospheric, indie rock influenced, hip hop beats and tribal dance rhythms. Suede's lyrics and delivery blend as a complimentary vocal instrument that make you want to tune in and zone out all at the same time. The music and the lyrics both could stand on their own but together they combine to create a progressive sound that is unmatched in contemporary rock, hip hop, or electronica.

Apple Juice Kid | Miles Remixed
I first came into contact with the Apple Juice Kid's production, when Okayplayer featured his Miles Remixed album. Many albums have followed and he as grown as a producer and a musician. We recommend you fools download all of his junk (most of the albums are free - legal downloads). But if you have to choose one - choose Miles Remixed!

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