Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Walk the Moon - i want! i want!

How We Discovered the Cincinnati Music Scene
Walk The Moon and The National
Can we just start by saying watch this video?

OK! Now wasn't that fun? Tommorow, 5-11-11, Our good friends over at Northgate Vintage are hosting Eric Pulido from Midlake

Sample band press kits

and Robert Gomez for a night of night great music.

But that's not the story (although that would be a good story).

Our summer intern, a big fan of Robert Gomez and a Denton music insider, emailed me the link to Gomez's bandcamp page - which the office rocked all morning.

While streaming this free Ep, I began searching through the most popular Bandcamp indie pages: Sufjan and Lenny Harold popped up and then I saw The National's first album from 2001:

Considering the fact that High Violet was ranked #5 on WUW?'s 2010 Top Ten List you can imagine how excited we were to find this album. But not nearly as excited as we were to hear that the band was from the great midwestern center of cultural creativity - Cincinnati, Ohio! Yes, it is true, something great (other than Pete Rose, the Ickey Shuffle, and Chris Sabo) came out of the Cin City. Immediately after my research assistant told me this great news, I texted my hipster cousin now residing in Brooklyn and demanded to know why she never informed me of this (still haven't heard back from her) and then went on a search for what other great bands that  might emerge from the Queen City. We divided up the tasks around the office: I took searching Bandcamp, J.B took the blogs, and Ashley searched local Cincinnati newspapers. After about an hour of treasure hunting and shitty music, I found Walk The Moon, geeked out, threw it on the office stereo, and incited a morning dance party!

Yes - that is what life is like at the WhatUpWally? office. We firmly beleive that Walk the Moon should be up next. Check them out for yourself:

Cincinnati is Cool... I Swear,

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