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The Christian's Confusion | Re-Writing Bush - A Tortured History

Dick Cheney appeared on the Charlie Rose Show, February 13, 2013, and reaffirmed his commitment to the American use of torture. Since 2001, many Human Rights and government reports have refuted the Bush administrations assertion that torture (enhanced interrogation) is legal, moral, and useful. However, the former administration and many Americans still claim that torture should be used and that they led to the capture of Bin Laden. This blog (originally published on 5-11-11) does not adress these reports but it does address the problematic belief that George. W. Bush is a "good Christian man." 

The most up-to-date report on Torture and the Bush Administration: The Constitution Project's Task Force on Detainee Treatment (2013)

Re-writing Bush | A Tortured History

(Originally published May 5, 2011)
As a follow up to the Bin Laden Facebook Status Awards, WUW? would like to highlight the most ridiculous of all the Facebook updates concerning Obama, Bush, God and Bin Laden:

"Thank You George Bush"
"God Bless America"
"God Bless George Bush"
Other Cartoons by Pat Bagley

Liz: ""Tonight, America has sent a statement to the world; no matter how long it takes, America will prevail & justice will be served."- President George W. Bush

Betsy: "LOVE that!!!! Thank you George W !!!!"

Ali: "George bush, I'm coming to give you a hug!!! America is winninnnggg!

Andrew: "Thank you george w. bush for doing your job and thank you barack obama for announcing it.
 "But if it is true....THANK YOU GEORGE W. BUSH!!!!

Thank you for what? 
An economic meltdown? 
Torture Policies? 
No Child Left Behind? 
What in the world are we thanking this guy for?
Lying to the American public and leading us into Iraq?
What God are you praising for bringing the world Bush?

Of course, historically, God and politics have always gone together - with victory over one's enemy being equated to the divine purpose of god.

Max Weber wrote about this in his commentary on the development of religion:

"every permanent political association had a special god who guaranteed the success of the political action of the group. 
When fully developed, this god was altogether exclusive with respect to outsiders...
The stranger was not only a political, but also a religious alien. Even when the god of another group had the same name and attributes as that of one's own polity, he was still considered to be different." 
        - Max Weber - Economy and Society

Andrew: "God bless America!!


 "So proud to be an American! God bless the USA!

 "Binladen is dead! God bless America!

Andrew: "USA ALL THE WAY!!! Don't mess with us #goodbyebinladen #Godblessamerica

Lauren: "God is good. Fuck you Bin Laden!!! Rest in Hell"

OK, OK! We get it… 

patriotism is cool, 
it is good that we "avenged" 9/11...
But now we are going to invoke God's love? 
This is exactly what you accuse radical Muslims of doing! 
You can't have it both ways.

God is the reason wars are fought!

And now we are going to say that God has blessed us and that is why we killed Bin Laden? That means that we have to say that God cursed us on 9/11. If there is a God, don't you think it would want its name left out of this conversation?

Bobby: "God bless George Bush and God bless America!!!"

Jess: "Whatever Obama!!! God bless George Bush!!!!!!"

I'm guessing that "thank you Bush" and "God bless Bush" 

mean the same thing. 
This is ridiculous. 
If you really believe in a God that is good, 
you cannot believe that George Bush is a great man!

More importantly, do you not see the connection between people hating America and Americans celebrating a man that tortured their people?

If you want a quick introduction into how the Bush Administration created policies that led to the atrocities at Abu Ghraib - please read From Geneva to Abu Ghraib: The Normalization and Justification of the Bush Torture Policies.

Let us never forget or ignore the war crimes perpetrated by George W. Bush and his administration. No matter how strong our military is, we should never be OK with debasing human rights the way our nation did during the Bush administration.

It is ok to dislike Obama, but that does not make George Bush a good president and it definitely does not make him a good and moral Christian man - or maybe after reading about the history of atrocities perpetuated in the name of Christ, it does make him a good Christian man.

But then again we shouldn't be surprised that military victory is viewed as godly, according to Weber:

"In general, political and military conquest also entailed the victory of the stronger god over the weaker god of the vanquished group." Max Weber - Economy and Society

Seymour Hersh originally broke the Abu Ghraib story on May 10, 2004. You can view the original pictures here. They are disturbing so look at them before you eat anything. A few months later, Hersh connected the abuse at Abu Ghraib to torture memos signed by Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld.

Chain of Command - Seymour Hersh

Is Bush Still Blessed by God When He Does Evil Things,

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Britta said...

Interesting...I remember the same inconsistencies in my facebook newsfeed.
Though, IMHO, God is not the reason wars are fought. Humans wage war for only one reason--control and distribution of resources, whether those resources include fresh water or fresh oil--it's not about God. Religion is a really great motivator/unifier and an easy way to create lines of demarcation and mobilize individuals--who generally like to feel they are serving a higher purpose. Individuals fight in wars but they do not wage it. Political institutions wage/declare war and they never do it because God has ordained it (though they may say they do--which gets individuals all fired up); they do it because they want/need something--justified or not--and someone else is in the way.

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