Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Revolution Might be Facebooked

On May 27th, Gil Scott-Heron passed away.

I will not claim to understand his significance. His words were not meant for me, but they speak to me.

His words were not written today but they have significance for tommorow. His words can be interpreted, misinterpreted, and reinterpreted but the words he spoke will remain significant.

Today we have more information, education, and wealth than any nation in history - but we still hold onto old paradigms.

We live in a world where revolution may actually be televised, tweeted, or Facebooked. But it may not be our revolution. Our nation stands at the top of the food chain and our people are becoming more and more concerned about only our individual prosperity - our nations prosperity.

We indulge in The Jersey Shore and complain about public health care while the nation divides itself in half. Not equal halves but haves and have nots. We sit on couches and watch women compete for a man while nations sit in poverty and watch countries compete for oil.

We think that all that matters in whether the economy is good - narrowly defined good - for who?

We think that children don't deserve health care because they are born into a system that never gave their parents a chance.

We live in the wealthiest nation in the world - but even the Christians would rather hold their wealth than dream of a world - where kids can dream.

We will volunteer with kids and say prayers for them at our churches but reject the very policies intended to give them life.

We lament the firing of teachers but cheer on the politicians as they cut taxes to position themselves for re-election.

We grow fearful as our universities falll behind China but elect and re-elect the Rick Perry's of the world who dismantle the same universities.

We are pacified by religion that tells us this world will burn after the rapture - so why would we care for the world now?

This is the time for us to develop a vision of a better world, a more humane world, a more understanding world.

This is the first time in history that we can control the channels of communciation, that we can step outside of the pre-defined boundaries.

This is the time that we can remake the world in the image of something better.

The world is changing and we should change with it.

Could the revolution be Facebooked?

The revolution will not be televised by gazobu

But then again - I would like an Ipad2,


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