Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pusha T & Tyler, The Creator

This is a great sounding collabo and a dope video.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Christianity and Capitalism

The conversation at the WUW? office has had a common theme over the past couple weeks. It seems that each of us have been faced with issues of religion and economics as if they were inherently connected. 

So we ask: what do Christianity and Capitalism have to do with each other that seem to bond the believers of each in desperate unity? Why are Christians are so adamant about the free market and independent wealth? Why do they hate President Obama so much for supporting a plan to provide health care for all Americans? Shouldn't they be the ones pushing for health care - for the entire world? Isn't it their Jesus that came to feed the hungry and heal the sick? 

As we have discussed phenomenon, three themes continue to surface. All three point to how the Christian worldview leads to the pursuit of the capitalist ideology and away from caring for the collective humanity.

1. Fixation on Heaven and the 
Temporality of Life on Earth

Before Tim Lahaye conquered the literary world with his 12 book Left Behind series (complete with bible studies, sermon notes, hats, pens, games, t-shirts and movies - begging the question who is crazier? Charlie Sheen or Kirk Cameron), pastors and theologians have been speculating the "when, where, and how" God would rapture his believers into eternity with him (and yes him, not her, in many circles it is offensive to claim that God is not a male). Christians (all claiming to read the truth of gods word) have argued about when god will rescue them from the depraved earth "he" had created. Seminaries have been centered on god's chosen being raptured before, during, or after the tribulation.

The belief that everything on earth will burn (including those of us who are "left behind") is a favorable foundation of capitalist ideology. The pure market capitalist, adheres to the notion that each man is rewarded for his greed as he competes with other individuals to achieve what is best for himself. If one person can not compete in the free market, it can only be because of a deficiency in that persons character - similar to their exclusion from heaven. With this established, why waste societies time with improving the standard of living, for the living, for one day it will all pass? 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mello Music Group Supplying Dope For Free

Mello Music Group is smashin on the Hip Hop Industry right now. Putting out free mixtapes that make most of the dopest MC's look like amateurs, The Official Daily Bread Mixtape featuring Hassaan Mackey and Apollo Brown hosts tracks from a who's who of independent MC's making moves in the game: The Left, Rapper Big Pooh, Black Milk, Elzhi, Member of the Visionaries Crew - LMNO, and WUW?'s favorite - EMILIO ROJAS.

Beats, Rhymes, and Blogs,


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trek Life Bangs Again and So Should You

This project is a remix of the Trek Life & Oddisee project Everything Changed Nothing. The WUW? office were all big fans of the original and although the Oddisee beat have been replaced, Trek Life's lyrics still prove powerful. 

We love what Bandcamp is doing for artists and highly recommend buying your music from the site because the artist receives all the profits (or at least most of them). 

Happy Tuesday!

Trying to Remix Our Tuesday,


Dj Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - Back For More | Free LP

This Man Is Still Killin'em Behind Those Boards
For those of you who think that Jazzy Jeff is just the nerd from the Fresh Prince (which he played damn good!) or just Will Smith's right hand man, you have been missin out out some of the smoothest production of the last 2 decades. This new LP with Ayah (released for free at Bandcamp) highlights Jeff'ss - Jazzy (pun intended) production but may be outshined by the soulful vocals of Ayah. This is WUW?'s first introduction to Ayah and we want more!


Bobbin & Weavin,


Monday, July 11, 2011

Dashboard Confessional Live Bootleg Albums

Yes I know... ten years ago every teenager in America would cry themselves to sleep to the mournings of Chris Carraba. But the 16 year old emo kid in me still gets excited when I come across a live Dashboard bootleg. 

Embrace your insecurities with the WUW? crew... Maybe it is time for a good cry over your last break up?

More available on Bandcamp.

Still Crying Over Spilled Milk,


Ras Kass - Endangered Lyricist Volume 3

Legendary underground lyricist... Album available for free download on Bandcamp

Memory Monday | Let Warrant Tell You a Secret about Uncle Tom's Cabin

Good morning party people! We just finished our weekly staff meeting at WUW? headquarters and played a little game for inspiration. Each of us went around and told a story about a song that they have a vivid memory of. Jenny's song was Hangin tough by NKOTB, Jonathon chose Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth, and Maureen chose I can't Dance by Genesis. Needless to say, we had a blast going around the table discussing childhood memories.

One of my most vivid memories was in 4th grade english class at Wyoming, Middle School in Ohio. Our middle school was an old building, probably built in the early part of the 20th century with no air conditioning (you can do that in Ohio). We started the class with a short story assignment and I wrote the lyrics to Uncle Tom's Cabin by Warrant. The song was captivating to me as a kid - as were many metal/hair band songs that I wasn't supposed to listen to because I would start worshipping the devil and committ suicide. But Uncle Tom's Cabin was especially captivating.

Obviously my teacher wasn't going to know the difference, but all my little pre-nirvana metal head friends would. Much to my surprise, my teacher, whose name is alluding my memory, asked me to read my story to the class. "Shit! someone is going to tell him that it isn't my story!" I thought as I took a deep breath and walked to the front of the class. Then I started in on my intriguing story of what happened at the wishing well:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kenton Dunson - Creative Destruction 2

A Better Version of Drake
The WUW? office has become big fans of the rapper/singer combo... Can we say thank you Kanye for 808 and opening up a new opportunity for hip hop?

Props to Okayplayer

Singin and Rappin Rappin and Singin,


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Most Eligible Dallas!!! What the City Wants, Needs, and Now Has | It's Very Own Jersey Shore!

While WUW? vacationed on Lake Lewisville (which gave one of us some weird rash) we were informed about a great cinematic experience coming to Dallas -Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas where the "stars" inform everyone that they are "the ones that everyone wants to be." Now, this is not actually unique to Dallas - every group of friends believe they are the "it" crowd and through the reality revolution of Facebook... the who's who of  Dallas yuppies have already been diligent to  make sure that all of Dallas is aware of how wonerfull they are. How many bitches they can slay. How rad their car is. Or the immediate claim to social legitimation - the time the spent in New York or LA without a job because that is how awesome they are.

A few years back, Ed Hardy bombed the city with pre-shrunken, bedazzled, T-shirts that were perfectly allowed meat heads to demonstrate to the "bitches" how much they work out. Divas and Dudes have been roaming the Uptwon streets banging chicks and hanging out in exclusive clubs for years. They have created their own reality show world where Facebook has operated as Gossip Girl and the fastest way to get back at your frienemy is to upload a picture of them making out with their bestie's bestie (AGAIN) right after their reconciliation.

And God forbid that a bestie didn't show up at RIO for your B-Day party!!


But before I digress... I think we should take some time to welcome the names and faces that Dallas loves so much and wish them the best (that is a long term TV show and maybe a challenge show after it all fades away against the Cast of Jersey Shore... Now that is good television).

"In the land of sex, love, and relationships,we know how to do it right"

"there's only a few guys like us and we just have a monopoly on this town"

"God has blessed me with way more than I deserve"

**Looks like the trailer won't embed - follow THIS LINK to view **

Meet your Dallas representatives: