Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Most Eligible Dallas!!! What the City Wants, Needs, and Now Has | It's Very Own Jersey Shore!

While WUW? vacationed on Lake Lewisville (which gave one of us some weird rash) we were informed about a great cinematic experience coming to Dallas -Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas where the "stars" inform everyone that they are "the ones that everyone wants to be." Now, this is not actually unique to Dallas - every group of friends believe they are the "it" crowd and through the reality revolution of Facebook... the who's who of  Dallas yuppies have already been diligent to  make sure that all of Dallas is aware of how wonerfull they are. How many bitches they can slay. How rad their car is. Or the immediate claim to social legitimation - the time the spent in New York or LA without a job because that is how awesome they are.

A few years back, Ed Hardy bombed the city with pre-shrunken, bedazzled, T-shirts that were perfectly allowed meat heads to demonstrate to the "bitches" how much they work out. Divas and Dudes have been roaming the Uptwon streets banging chicks and hanging out in exclusive clubs for years. They have created their own reality show world where Facebook has operated as Gossip Girl and the fastest way to get back at your frienemy is to upload a picture of them making out with their bestie's bestie (AGAIN) right after their reconciliation.

And God forbid that a bestie didn't show up at RIO for your B-Day party!!


But before I digress... I think we should take some time to welcome the names and faces that Dallas loves so much and wish them the best (that is a long term TV show and maybe a challenge show after it all fades away against the Cast of Jersey Shore... Now that is good television).

"In the land of sex, love, and relationships,we know how to do it right"

"there's only a few guys like us and we just have a monopoly on this town"

"God has blessed me with way more than I deserve"

**Looks like the trailer won't embed - follow THIS LINK to view **

Meet your Dallas representatives:

Matt Nordgren: The supposed all amercian superstar quarterback at UT. His claim to fame is that he has already slept with all of uptown and most of Addison. Don't ask him about Plano because he refuses to go past 635. This weekend WUW? investigated the depth of Mr. Nordgrens sexual exploits - and - yes he does have tons of sex. 4 out of 10 girls with designer glasses confirmed their one/two night stand while the other 6 would only commit to a "make out session" which they were not dissapointed with but too drunk to go any further. (I know I know... Sounds like a Katy Perry song!)

You can LIKE Matt on Facebook because : 
"This seems like a much better way to use facebook than a personal profile page. Im going to slowly switch to this versus my other profile for future."
Apparently Matthew has already made waves in the celebrity world by maybe dating that one girl from the Hills.
From D Magazine
6 Comments to “OMG! Matt Nordgren Is Totally Dating Audrina Patridge!”
  • Sway
    Wow…must be a slow news day.
  • Gadfly
    I have cable and don’t know who the above people are. And no, I’m not curious enough to click on the links, because I’m “busy”.
  • matt
    He “played” for UT. By played I mean he was on the roster. If Vince got tired, the game was a blowout, AND the planets were in a particular alignment, he was allowed to take a snap…and hand it off.
  • Hannah
    Thanks for explaining who they are – happy to say I had no idea (though my teenager probably did).
  • jessica
    haha this article is a joke! did matt pay u to write it? bc everyone in dallas knows he’s a star-struck tool wanna-be
  • Estefana Werst
    Appreciate it…

Courtney Kerr: Sounds like she is in love with the already mentioned superstar quarterback. Rumor has it that she has dated many people connected the WUW? crew. Landing a spot on a reality show is the  crowning acheivement for a beautiful Dallas socialite... the next best thing to actually being famous. We are looking forward to seeing if her and Nord Dawg hook up or hate each other by the end of the show.

Glenn Pakulak: No clue who this guy is but apparently he works out hard so that he can kick a football real far. I'm sure the rest of the Joule Pool crowd know all about him and he seems like a pretty nice guy... but will he find love, lust, or bust? We have to wait until the show starts to know for sure (can you feel the suspense?)

Drew Ginsburg: Ol' Drew likes the way he looks whilke laying in a bed, with a pink shirt and chasing lung cancer. We must admit - he is a handsome fella... and on his quest to find love... We wish Drew G the best!

Tara Harper:, Being the hottest woman on the cast - it is only natural that Tara would have met her maximum allowance of friends on Facebook which naturally led to the creation of a fan page. Described as the "quintessential Dallas girl" (which could be a compliment or not depending on what that actually means), her hard work in the family business has afforder her the financial independence - read: she can take exotic vacation and then post the pictures on Facebook so that all can keep up to date with her wonderful life. WUW?s money is on tara to be the only likeable one on the show - well the bald guy that works out a lot for football will give her quite a challenge.

Neill Skylar: Have no clue who this girl is but her Facebook lists her as a Christian and she is a female who wants you to know she is "Just a balla tryin' to survive, holla atcha girl." Girl you let me know if all that stuff works out with QB3. I may have a friend for you as well!

But remember - You might need to create a fan page. I have a guy that knows a guy that can help you with your branding. If you are going to get on the Jersey vs. Big D Survivor contest - you are going to need some help with your social networking. Play on playa!

Most Eligible Blog,


Anonymous said...

I don't get it why people get on the internet to defame others. I Watched Most Eligible Dallas and I loved it. Why will you even compare a show like MED to Jersey Shore? They are not the same.

Anonymous said...

If you are getting paid to write lies about people just know that we are not stupid. How in the world will you just put up allegations without citing sources or giving use names? Do you expect us to believe this? Whoever paid you to write this article has failed.

Anonymous said...

The author of this article is an idiot.