Wednesday, August 31, 2011

XO - Monumental 2 | Free Album

1/3 of the Washington DC collective Diamond District - this is the follow up release to Monumental, which was released sometime last year. If you like it make sure you check out the other 2 artists. Oddisee (a WUW? favorite) is the groups super producer, and yU holds it down on the mic with XO.

Live the way you type and type the way you live,



Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 MTV VMA Performances | Jay - Z and Kanye West - OTIS

Best hip hop production of the year?

Little Shalimar - The New Pneumonia Blues | Free Download

The good blogstars over at Okayplayer featured this Little Shalimar last week but the WUW? office has been crazy busy for the last month. Dude is a bit difficult to categorize but somehow falls in between The Black Keys, The Strokes, and maybe the Rolling Stones (but that might be a stretch).

Okayplayer describes Little Shalimar as bluesey, which is kind of true, but the blues is only small ingredient in what Shalimar is cooking up. Between the horns, the stripped production, electronic interludes, and catchy lyrics, LS seems to have carved out a particular niche that could be placed in any of these categories.

Listening to a bunch of stuff that make our toes tap,


The Weeknd - Thursday | Free Album

The blogs have been cravin for this mixtape since the release of House of Balloons. Drizzy Drake's R&B protoges bring forth Prince-esque electirc rhythms, dark love obsessed melodies, and atmospheric, indie influenced, rhythmic panty dropping jams.

WUW?'s favorite: Track 2 Life of the Party

Check it Check it out Y'all,

Friday, August 26, 2011

J Rawls - The Hip Hop Affect | The Best of Nati Hip Hop

J Rawls always kills it behind the boards. 
Cincinnati's second favorite producer gets busy here.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

R.I.P. Aaliyah | 10 Years Ago Today

This day 10 years ago Aaliyah passed away. 
Here is a tribute mixtape - R.I.P.
Follow the link below to download.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wale - The Eleven One Theory | Free Mixtape

This may be the best mixtape release this year. We were a little skeptical when Wale signed with the Rick Ross crew, but we have no more worries. Wale continues to find his own lane in between the mainstream and the underground

Peep some older Wale material

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kenton Dunson Flips Passion Pit's The Reeling

We Introduced y'all to Kenton Dunson a month ago and since then dude seems to just keep getting bigger.

Last week he dropped Top of the World for free download as a fan appreciation deal. Track goes hard and we love the way he flipped the Passion Pit joint and ripped on it.

Peep the Website

An Apology to America from the Great State of Texas

Spotted at MoveOn

Well... we couldn't have said it better ourselves:

"Texas ranks 44th in the USA in per-student expenditures and 43rd in high school graduation rates, McCown says. Seventeen percent of Texans lived below the poverty level in 2009, compared with 14% for the nation. The state leads in the percentage of the population with no health insurance and was ninth in income inequality in the mid-2000s, the latest data available, according to McCown and the Economic Policy Institute." @

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kanye & Jay Otis Video

Here is a couple bonus leaks for:

Wale - Chain Music
Album drops November 1st

Weezy - She Will Ft. Rick Ross & Drizzy Drake

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Real Government Entitlement Program

Spotted at

The New Music Revolution: Music Production and Fandom in the Post-Napster Era

Now, Lars Ulrich may not agree with us but Napster's mp3 sharing revolution not only changed the way individuals interacted with music but it also forced musicians to create good music. See - while Metallica chased down young fans for royalties, a new generation of creative musicians were raised to despise the behemoth record labels and the musicians that demanded respect and made shitty albums such as... hello Metallica Load and Reload? Get outta here. This new generation of producers, writers, journalists, computer programmers, fans, companies, and record labels began to approach the music industry from the perspective of the fans and the music. 

What is it that fans wanted in the post-Napster, short haired Metallica era?

First: They wanted good music. If they were going to purchase an album, fans wanted to know that the artists actually put their heart into it, that they spent years finding the perfect word for the perfect verse to fit the perfect chord progression. 

Second: They demanded that the artist or band prove themselves before they spent money on their art. Artists recognized that one hit single and a million dollar advertising budget was not enough to justify a fan base. Even the Warped Tour started requiring their bands to help with promotion. 

Third: Most Important - Fans wanted music for free. This was absurd to the established music industry, the stadium - like U2 and Metallica, and the oversized retailers that experienced a slow and painful death i.e., Tower Records. Even after ITunes provided an adequate retail option, fans and artists continued to flock to and create blogsites, bit torrent sites, and Facebook pages that provide free remixes, mixtapes, live concerts, and free albums - thank you Radiohead for setting the standard!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Seedy Seeds - Oh, Cincinnati

Last month WhatUpWally? introduced you to the fabulous indie pop band from CinciNasti - The Seedy Seeds. Today we have been kicking it in the Daytrotter room on and the DJ's have been playing local music... So we started compiling a playlist of some of our favorite Cincinnati bands. Oh, Cincinnati was one of the first songs on the list!

Enjoy The Seedy Seeds 2008 album Count the Days

Reppin that home town,


Friday, August 5, 2011

Jay & Ye - Watch The Throne Countdown

As cliche as it is... How could we not be excited about 2 of the best to ever do it releasing a record together?