Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Facebook

The WUW? staff has been holding back on any commentary of the Occupy Wall Street movement (mainly because we thought it would be cliche) and (we haven't really payed much attention to the whole thing). 

The conversations we have had in the office are more about the way people talk about the whole ordeal. 
So, I don't know any of these people below, and I am not even sure how I came across this thread... but I did do a little investagatory Facebook journalism on each of the characters.

 with Brent Fox.
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    • Brooke Treat So true
      November 3 at 10:12am ·  ·  11

    • Mindy Burgess TRUE!
      November 3 at 11:20am ·  ·  11

    • Tony Davis Isn't that the truth. They don't have a clue!
      November 3 at 11:41am ·  ·  39

    • Mike McClure my great uncle jack died in the pacific theater during WW2. the point of this story is that I'm pretty sure he would have cold kicked the head off of the guy wearing the vest.
      November 3 at 12:02pm ·  ·  300

    • Laura Henthorn Says a lot, will we have to go thru 1944 again before this country is appreciated for the gifts it brings and given the respect it is due? May not be perfect but it is a good place.
      Friday at 1:50pm ·  ·  187

    • David Annis Well said Laura. It's not perfect but those people protesting, even if they have a low-paying job, are likely in the top 1% on a global scale. Comfort and security tends to cause people to lose sight of reality.
      Friday at 3:04pm ·  ·  173

    • Pablo Garcia That is a sad truth.
      Saturday at 8:55am ·  ·  20

    • Ron Eisenmann My uncle served 101st airborne Doyle Goins. I'd like to drop some mustard gas on those communist idiots in his name!
      Saturday at 5:12pm ·  ·  68

    • Tommy Burke Sr. If they would stop playing video games, maybe they would have a clue!
      5 hours ago ·  ·  27

    • David Annis I want to point out that this picture is NOT intended to minimize the contributions of young people in today's military. This is aimed at the protesters who have grown up so comfortable and secure that they have no sense of reality at all.
      about an hour ago ·  ·  26

    • Ed Bowman 
      this pic def says alot and is very true as in your last comment , but also the first year of the iraq war the avg age was 19, i was 20 when i went over for the first time , as was most of the enlistments in 2002 and 2003 , then u have allthe protesters in their early 20's that have no idea whats going on and want to be part of something to seem bigger than what they are ,same with the low lifes who protest our fallen heros funerals no right and no sense of reality of who fought for those rights !

      about an hour ago ·  ·  13

David Annis from Edmond, Oklahoma. He likes the Sooners and some great American rock music like Hinder and Nickleback... No I am being serious... he admits this on his facebook. Not sure if this American Bad Ass is who I want to entrust my civil liberties to.

Brooke Treat, also from Edmond, enjoys great literary works like The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (you know the overweight Billy Graham wannabe) and what could a good, hard working American love more than The Boomer Sooners? That's right - she loves to sleep. So while these "kids" that know nothing about life stand up for something they believe in (small things like Democracy and equality) Brooke is tucked in bed reading a book about where her purpose is.

 Next up... we have Mindy Burgess who is reluctant to share any information with the public but not shy about a nice little bikini shot and a horrendous blonde dye job.

Tony is my favorite, mainly because this Tulsa native is sporting a mean mustache, and rocking it with pride. Since Tony is the one with a clue, I wonder what all of his life experience and studies have taught him about economics? Let me guess... you are just a good American that appreciates your country... in denial about losing your 401k and drowning your sorrows in PBR while riding a leased four wheeler... Please can you give us a clue - O wise one.

This is where things get good:
Mike McClure appeals to the memory of his great uncle Jack and claims that this great war veteran would come home and "kick the head off" of some kid trying to exercise his voice in a Democratic society. Tell me Mike, since when does fighting economic inequality and the growing divide between rich and poor justify kicking someone's head off? That is an interesting version of America you believe in. But Mike, WUW? has another question for you, how can you "like" Bob Dylan and Jack Kerouac? Think about it, go kick a kid, and come back so we can discuss.

Just in case you are interested Mr. McClure has made himself a Wikipedia page.

OK... I am bored already.. but it would not be a complete blog without mentioning  Ron Eisenmann and his desire to "drop some mustard gas on the communist idiots" in his uncle's name. Earth to Ron, this has nothing to do with communism. Mustard gas? Really? Why is America falling behind in the global economy? I think it is because of people like you - dropping mustard gas on communist college kids instead of an intelligent conversation. 

Here is a great quote from the wise Eisenmann:

When country boys go city the sky is the limit.

OK, I get it. It is a little unfair to have an online debate with a group of people from Oklahoma. But, I have heard this conversation from plenty people in person. 

A few years ago we entered into a greater depression - remember that - the one you blame on Obama that actually started under Bush. 

Remember when all of those vacant houses had people living in them? Remember when retirement funds were secure? Remember when we had a middle class that could send their kids to college? 

Americans are upset about the same things. We are upset about the job market, about our political process, about corporate interests controlling our government, out of control litigation, gas prices, and whether or not the Cincinnati Reds will ever go to the World Series again. 

 I don't know much about the Occupy Wall Street Movement, but I do know that there are groups of young Americans all over the nation letting their voice be heard. We should be proud of these people. We should envy their passion. And - even if some of them are "just following the trend," shouldn't we consider political activism a good trend to follow? I'd say it is better than meth. 

Something has to change in this nation and that has to start with the younger generations. These kids aren't demonstrating because they aren't appreciative of the life they have, the country they live in, or their opportunities. I think these kids care so much about those opportunities and their nation that they trying to do something about it. The question we should be asking, how can we harness this movement to achieve true political reform? How does this movement lead to a government where the "people" are more important than an investment portfolio? How do we learn from these kids? 

Occupying The Facebook, 


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