Saturday, November 26, 2011

WUW? Top Mixtape of 2011 | Lupe Fiasco - Friend of the People

It's that time of year... The favorite time of the year around the WUW? office. What time you ask? Time to look back over the last year and try to make sense out of what has happened in music (check the 2010 list)... what is good, bad, overhyped, underspun, remixed to death, albums, singles, mixtapes, leaks, compilations, production, and most importantly - - what albums (even 11 months later) can we still not stop spinning?

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Luckily, our good friend Lupe Fiasco came through at the end of the year to solve all debates about the Top Mixtape of the year. A mixture of up to date political references, jazz influenced beats, radicalism, a slight hint of sarcasm, and punchlines to make you question your reality. 

If all albums could be as good as a Lupe mixtape,

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