Sunday, December 11, 2011

Live From Facebook | Jesus Casts His Vote For the Heisman

After eight years of God's messenger Georgie Jr. and the disastrous failure of God's second favorite politician Slick Rick Perry, Texas Christians have been left without a man of god to rally around... until now!

Baylor Bear 4 JC
‎"To Baylor nation, I say this is a forever kind of moment, and may we be blessed to have many more like it in the future. God has a plan, and it's our job to fulfill it, and in this moment we have." RG3

Unbelievably believable!!
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    • awww was thinking about you yesterday! So cool! RG3 is adorbz!
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Today at church and all over the Christian blogosphere (somebody should start it might look something like this) good little Baptists all over the state are singing the Lord's praises, as their creator of the world decided to cast his vote for this year's Heisman award. Now Texas football fans no longer need to declare how much they love Tim Tebow because they have their very own Christian athlete. And we all know that nothing legitimizes a religion like a winner on the football field. 

Now don't get us wrong, Robert Griffin the Third is a big time baller but let's be real for one minute... if there is a god, does it really give a *&^% about college football? I know it is more sacrilegious to defame footballs name than it is to defame god's... I apologize for my irreverence.

But seriously, these people are still praising God for George Bush, still think Rick Perry is a man of God, are Tebowing every chance they can get, but don't seem to understand why the rest of us in the world thinks this is strange. 

**Bonus side note** Tim Tebow is still God's chosen one

Matt Newman
The kid just has it together. He's a winner on the field as well as off. He exemplifies a winning, persevering, undying, selfless spirit that fuels his team to do the same. He believes when others doubt and his faith is unstoppable; it goes beyond just the field yet people hate him? Tebow - kids just the real deal. Expect Wheaties and Milk ads soon. And stop hating, your mother should slap you.
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    • Emily Luderitz Noblin I love Tim Tebow! His book was great.
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    • Bethany Ann Gardner Love it Matt! He is such a great witness!
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So this god that provides you with the foundation of your morality has ordained a president that tortures, a governor that lies and hates homosexuals but the same god despises a president that wants to provide health insurance for the poor and is a Christian but not enough of a Christian because you don't believe in his birth certificate. Not too mention that the son of god also enjoys  rewarding greedy businessman that sacrifice their ethics Monday through Saturday but teach bible stories on Sunday?

Maybe it is just those of us in the WhatUpWally? office that think this is slightly odd.

God bless football, capitalism, torture, cheating, football, money, and whatever else we decide is good,

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Krisi Kiser said...

I personally don't agree with the last line of "in this moment we have" of RG3's speech, but I also don't expect that a 22 year old's victory speech for a football award needs to be perfectly worded either, regardless of being Christian or not. I am personally a Christian and I don't find any of the actions or contradictions by other Christians or myself strange, odd, or even surprising. Christians are called to strive to be like-Christ, but being a Christian doesn't mean that you lose the qualities of being a human. As you have seen, Christians are no where near perfect, and no where does it say in the Bible that they will be. Based on history, all of the Christians currently being scrutinized sound to me like the same story, different day. We see the same examples in the Bible of Christians that don't always get it right. We could write about how in the world a Christian, Judas, could do such a terrible thing as betraying a friend for money. He was right by Jesus' side witnessing miracles, seeing and hearing his teachings first hand, and he betrayed Jesus for silver. Is this any different than a CEO that believes in Christ but chooses to scam clients instead of running a business with character and honesty?
Isaiah 2:22 says, "Don't put your trust in mere humans. They are as frail as breath. What good are they?"
Psalm 118:8 says "It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in people."
James 3:2 "Indeed, we all make many mistakes. For if we could control our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every other way."