Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Way Back WhatUpWally? in Los Angeles | LMNO - Overtime

I remember when the Los Angeles smog first became a reality. It was 2003 and we had just decided to move the WhatUpWally? office to the Armenian capital of America - Glendale, California. Armed with a small arsenal of DJ equipment, a new 10" Apple Power Book, and a couple copies of Reason and Pro Tools software, we were ready to blow up in the Hip Hop Industry. 
At that time, the WUW? crew consisted of myself, Jiggy Josh, Kevin The Punching Bag Patterson, and the Bundizzle fa Shizzle. Our office, which also doubled as a kitchen (we considered the beach to be our real office), was piled high with turntables, a DIGI002, a few mics, some records, guitars, a Djembe, Jiggy's Metallica sound producing amp, and a poster of Avril Lavigne.
We didn't have much, but we had our studio. We spent many hours scouring the hip hop underground, watching authentic hip hop collectives like LA Symphony, Freestyle Fellowship, and the Living Legends. My favorites Los Angeles based hip hop collective was the The Visionaries - made up of Dannu, KeyKool, 2Mex, Lord Zen, DJ Rhettmatic, and (the point of this blog) LMNO. The collective has released a number of albums together as well as an assortment of collaborations and solo projects. For a good overview, check out our Visionaries Spotify Playlist complete with group and solo projects.
This whole story is more than a walk down memory lane. It is intended to introduce you to one of the dopest lyricists in hip hop. So listen and download (it is free) this new LMNO album:

Inside Source Productions never died - it just became a blog,

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