Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Experimental Soul | Jopeda X Makeda - Aporia EP

We don't know much about these artists but this album is on some other level stuff.

New York City BoomBap Rap | Children of the Night - Queens... Revisited

Killin this album right now!

College Station Hip Hop | Justin Wilson - The Hometown Hero Mixtape

The homie Rob Mwandia of EMM solution invited the WUW? crew to the exclusive mixtape release party for College Station MC, Justin Wilson's The Hometown Hero Mixtape. Needless to say Justin killed it and we danced our pants off.

Texas hip hop continues to represent from Houston and Dallas to Austin and now College Station. Justin Wilson recently generated a powerful buzz when he opened up for Kirko Bangz in College Station, Texas.

The Hometown Hero Mixtape accents Justin Wilson's unique delivery, powerful punchlines, and the kind of hip hop swagger that only comes natural to MC's that process lyrical prowess that Wilson maintains.

After witnessing Wilson's natural skills EMM Solutions founder Rob Mwandia committed to making the name and music of Justin Wilson synonymous with Texas Hip Hop.

The WhatUpWally? crew attended The Hometown Hero Mixtape release party and we all had a great time. Justin's music fused with his dynamic stage persona to create a great performance. We look forward to hearing more from Justin Wilson.

"I'm huntin haters, like deers, I'm in every blind" From the track - Silly

'Tell them Justin Wilson wrecking it at all his shows, cause gettin crunk and making music is just all he knows' - Justin Wilson

For booking information please contact Rob Mwandia at

Make sure you LIKE Justin Wilson on Facebook at

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UPDATE Still Don't Think That Racism Matters | Hip Hop Responds to the Murder of Trayvon Martin

Update: New Police Report
Christian Science Monitor Article: Does-police-incident-report-upend-Trayvon-Martin-case
Fox NewsVideo: Zimmerman story is 'consistent' with evidence in Trayvon Martin shooting
MSNBC Video: Leaked Police Report Tells George Zimmerman's Story

This is a pretty good look at the recent developments in this case:

A friend commented on my Facebook page about new information that has been released about George Zimmerman and what led to this shooting.

It is now the word of one side against the other... 

Today at the WUW? office we have had a conversation about the complexities of history, justice, and race. Here are a couple thoughts:

1. The outrage in the black community must be understood within the historical context of race in America. Blacks have experienced violence from explicit racism as well as have been victims of violence based on the latent racism that exist in the minds of whites.

2. We live in a society were we are supposed to value innocent until proven guilty, so it is important to remember that we suspend judgement until all of the evidence comes out.

3. The judicial system has continually failed blacks in America so it whites must understand the lack of confidence of blacks in the American Justice system.

4. Black, male, youth have been murdered by police based on the snap judgements and assumptions of police officers - Cincinnati, Ohio anyone?

We live in complex times and race continues to play a major role in the way that individuals conduct their daily lives and the way the judge other individuals. 

WUW? believes that we need to speak openly about the nature of race in society, that whites need to be honest with themselves about racial prejudice, the justice system needs to address institutional biases that victimize people of color, AND we also have to maintain the frame of innocent until proven guilty.

Earlier post:
In an previous post, I wrote about the difficulties of teaching race at Texas A&M. One of the major reasons is that whites, primarily, have a hard time recognizing the historical connection between contemporary racism and historical racism. The reason media explosion surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin should help us all to connect the dots from the nations history to the everyday lived experience of race in America. 

It isn't just the murder of an innocent child but also the numerous responses from citizens and media personalities. Do we really think the wearing a hoodie is an adequate explanation to a senseless murder?

Hey Geraldo.... Shut up!

Geraldo apologizes... kinda Spotted @ Huffington Post

Download | Mistah F.A.B. -

God Don't Love Me (RIP Trayvon Martin)

Communicating racism from a white subject position,

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mixtape Monday: Before and After Life in Rack City | Tyga, Mac Miller, Mickey Factz, & Wiz Khalifa

Mickey Factz is one of our favorite of the new school of the new school rappers...
Check out the Broken Bells sample on track 6

Mac Miller has been getting mad love and we are starting to believe....

Before Rack City became bigger than New York City... Tyga was on his grind

Not the biggest Wiz Khalifa fan... but this mixtape is pretty good.....

Downloading hip hop since before Napster, WhatUpWally?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Live From Facebook | KONY2012 | Good Intentions, Bad Motivations, Selfish Greed, or The Right Thing to Do?

I was first informed about this video by a student in one of my classes. Before I could watch the video the debate had already exploded.

I saw this Facebook post before I watched the video...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

San Francisco Metal | Deafheaven

Metal is not typically the music of choice around the WUW? office but Sharon came across the band Deafheaven while listening to NPR's SXSW Preview edition of All Songs Considered. 

Think Explosions in the Sky meets As I Lay Dying.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Download Now | Black El x Durkin - The Collage EP

Don't know much about these guys except for the fact that the music is dope. 

Spotted at

Blogging to avoid writing a paper,

Find out more at:!/Black_EL!/BlackELxDurkin!/captaindurk

Hip Hop and Politics | MIke Shinoda on the Japanese Internment

One of the important functions of art within culture is to illustrate life in a way that touches our common humanity. Hip hop is a medium that has been successful at providing this access to cultural understanding - despite the tendency of American culture to focus on the negative representations of hip hop music. 

Check out this video by the Mike Shinoda's (producer and MC of Linkin Park) side project Fort Minor.

On February 19, 1942, Franklin D. Roosevelt (yes the social hero of liberal America) issued executive order 9066 - ordering the internment of approximately 122,000 individuals of Japanese ancestry on the west coast (70% were American citizens). 
For more information check out these sights:

Congress passed the Civil Liberties Act in 1988 which stated:

“The Congress recognizes that, as described in the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, a grave injustice was done to both citizens and permanent residents of Japanese ancestry by the evacuation, relocation, and internment of civilians during World War II.
As the Commission documents, these actions were carried out without adequate security reasons and without any acts of espionage or sabotage documented by the Commission, and were motivated largely by racial prejudice, wartime hysteria, and a failure of political leadership.
The excluded individuals of Japanese ancestry suffered enormous damages, both material and intangible, and there were incalculable losses in education and job training, all of which resulted in significant human suffering for which appropriate compensation has not been made.
For these fundamental violations of the basic civil liberties and constitutional rights of these individuals of Japanese ancestry, the Congress apologizes on behalf of the Nation.”

We think it is important to remember these lessons as we continue the "War on Terror" and the scapegoating of Muslim and Arab Americans. As a nation we view the treatment of Japanese Americans as a stain on our moral history. We have a chance to learn from our mistakes by rejecting the use of torture in Iraq and Afghanistan and by extending religious liberty to Muslims (the ability to build Mosques).

For more Linkin Park and Fort Minor check out the WUW?'s Linkin Park Spotify Discography.

Looking for the good in humanity,

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beats and Spoken Word - Apple Juice Kid and the Poetic Portraits of a Revolution

Austin, the spring intern for WUW? discovered this new Apple Juice Kid project at Okayplayer this morning. But even more interesting than the music is the project it is connected to - Poetic Projects of a Revolution

From the PPR2011 Website:
"The Poetic Portraits of a Revolution project (PPR) has sent nationally-renowned spoken-word poets and youth educators Kane Smego and Will McInerney, along with project translator and interpreter Mohammad Moussa and professional photographer and videographer Sameer Abdel-khalek to the streets and communities of Egypt and Tunisia from June 15 – August 9. The team is capturing images and emotions of the revolution through poetic reflections, oral interviews, still photography, and video. Inspired by the youth-lead movements in North Africa, Smego, a recent college graduate, and the other three members of the PPR team who are current students, see this project as an opportunity for young people to take an active role in capturing and sharing living history. The project will powerfully convey what it would be like to experience in person one of the most significant social movements of the new millennium through the stories of the people themselves and the art that they inspire."

Check out the website at

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Download Now | Big K.R.I.T. - 4EVANADAY Mixtape

Album is produced by Big K.R.I.T. Now lets see if it is any good....

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

TED TALK | Hanna Rosin: New data on the rise of women

Watching this video in my Intro To Sociology class tomorrow. 

"What the economy requires now is a whole different set of skills: You need intelligence, you need an ability to sit still and focus, to communicate openly to be able to listen to people and to operate in a workplace that is much more fluid than it used to be. Those are things that women do extremely well.” 
Hannah Rosin