Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Beats and Spoken Word - Apple Juice Kid and the Poetic Portraits of a Revolution

Austin, the spring intern for WUW? discovered this new Apple Juice Kid project at Okayplayer this morning. But even more interesting than the music is the project it is connected to - Poetic Projects of a Revolution

From the PPR2011 Website:
"The Poetic Portraits of a Revolution project (PPR) has sent nationally-renowned spoken-word poets and youth educators Kane Smego and Will McInerney, along with project translator and interpreter Mohammad Moussa and professional photographer and videographer Sameer Abdel-khalek to the streets and communities of Egypt and Tunisia from June 15 – August 9. The team is capturing images and emotions of the revolution through poetic reflections, oral interviews, still photography, and video. Inspired by the youth-lead movements in North Africa, Smego, a recent college graduate, and the other three members of the PPR team who are current students, see this project as an opportunity for young people to take an active role in capturing and sharing living history. The project will powerfully convey what it would be like to experience in person one of the most significant social movements of the new millennium through the stories of the people themselves and the art that they inspire."

Check out the website at www.ppr2011.org

Blog portrait of a revolution - kinda... not really... but maybe,

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