Sunday, March 11, 2012

Live From Facebook | KONY2012 | Good Intentions, Bad Motivations, Selfish Greed, or The Right Thing to Do?

I was first informed about this video by a student in one of my classes. Before I could watch the video the debate had already exploded.

I saw this Facebook post before I watched the video...

Then I watched the video and thought this was a great project....

Political hip hop artists always seem to have a full perspective....

AND THEN... I saw this response and didn't know what I thought...

Update 3-19-12: As if the response to this video hasn't been interesting enough, dude gets arrested for beating up the sidewalk (and masturbating in public? Not sure if this one is true or just makes a good story)

Invisible Children Co-Founder Detained: SDPD

and the Prime Minister of Uganda released a YouTube response to the Invisible Children video. We wonder what this means for global politics in the era of social media? 

Of course this video and the twitter account of Amam Mbabzi bring up another interesting conversation about how to verify identity and facts in viral media campaigns. 

Check out this Mashable article which addresses identity validation:

 And.... how about a little more Facebook debate!?


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