Tuesday, March 27, 2012

UPDATE Still Don't Think That Racism Matters | Hip Hop Responds to the Murder of Trayvon Martin

Update: New Police Report
Christian Science Monitor Article: Does-police-incident-report-upend-Trayvon-Martin-case
Fox NewsVideo: Zimmerman story is 'consistent' with evidence in Trayvon Martin shooting
MSNBC Video: Leaked Police Report Tells George Zimmerman's Story

This is a pretty good look at the recent developments in this case:

A friend commented on my Facebook page about new information that has been released about George Zimmerman and what led to this shooting.

It is now the word of one side against the other... 

Today at the WUW? office we have had a conversation about the complexities of history, justice, and race. Here are a couple thoughts:

1. The outrage in the black community must be understood within the historical context of race in America. Blacks have experienced violence from explicit racism as well as have been victims of violence based on the latent racism that exist in the minds of whites.

2. We live in a society were we are supposed to value innocent until proven guilty, so it is important to remember that we suspend judgement until all of the evidence comes out.

3. The judicial system has continually failed blacks in America so it whites must understand the lack of confidence of blacks in the American Justice system.

4. Black, male, youth have been murdered by police based on the snap judgements and assumptions of police officers - Cincinnati, Ohio anyone?

We live in complex times and race continues to play a major role in the way that individuals conduct their daily lives and the way the judge other individuals. 

WUW? believes that we need to speak openly about the nature of race in society, that whites need to be honest with themselves about racial prejudice, the justice system needs to address institutional biases that victimize people of color, AND we also have to maintain the frame of innocent until proven guilty.

Earlier post:
In an previous post, I wrote about the difficulties of teaching race at Texas A&M. One of the major reasons is that whites, primarily, have a hard time recognizing the historical connection between contemporary racism and historical racism. The reason media explosion surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin should help us all to connect the dots from the nations history to the everyday lived experience of race in America. 

It isn't just the murder of an innocent child but also the numerous responses from citizens and media personalities. Do we really think the wearing a hoodie is an adequate explanation to a senseless murder?

Hey Geraldo.... Shut up!

Geraldo apologizes... kinda Spotted @ Huffington Post

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God Don't Love Me (RIP Trayvon Martin)

Communicating racism from a white subject position,


Anonymous said...

Except for the fact that the shooter ended up with a head wound and a broken nose. And a witness came out this morning stating that they saw Trayvon on top of the shooter beating him before the killing. But you know other than that Trayvon was a completely innocent child in a hoodie.

sms said...
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sms said...

if someone followed you for no reason, and you sped up to lose them, and they started chasing you, at some point wouldnt you step in and confront them?

let's not act like trayvon attacked this guy without being provoked.

what's concerning at this point is the lack of action by the local PD. at the very least this case should be sent to the grand jury to see if charges should be filed. but the local PD has done nothing. that's concerning.