Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cincinnati Indie Jam Funk | Majestic Man - Manatee

The WUW? homies decided to post up in Cincinnati for the summer and see if we couldn't get a better pulse on the midwest city with the most underrated music scene. In the past few years we have introduced you to some dope indie rock bands like Walk the Moon and the Seedy Seeds, punk rock band Vacation, and a few underground hip hop acts such as MOOD, Tanya Morgan, Jermiside, and J Rawls
A few weeks ago, our two summer interns Jessica from Xavier and Freddy from Ohio State, were sent on their first assignment - check out this band Majestic Man. Well... our adorable little interns danced their little pants off and turned the whole office into a bunch of little jam band groupies. The sound of Majestic Man places them easily on a year long college tour and not far from a side stage at Bonarroo. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Welcome to Cincinnati,

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Anonymous said...

I been saying this all along-Majestic Man is the real deal. Great song writing and talented musicians. Hear they play live at Northside Tavern on 15 June.