Thursday, June 21, 2012

Most Eligible Dallas | Who Cares? Somebody Does

It was about this time last year that we learned about a Bravo reality show in Dallas that was about to be aired (Read the blog here). Although we were initially skeptical, there was no way we could have predicted just how horrible it would actually be. We must admit that we could only stomach two episodes before we decided to not watch the show and only follow Kelly Rasberry on twitter as she demolished the entire cast.

From the producer's standpoint we can't help but wonder what his or her plan was... "Let's find the most uninteresting, shallow, kind of successful but not really, but good looking people in the great city of Dallas. Then we should plan some even more uninteresting scenes, manufacture a crappy love story, a girl with a baby, and a girl that is 30 but looks 50 and is obsessed with animals. How could this not be a hit?" 

-- We get that we sound extremely negative right now --

The next thought was where could they find a group of horrible individuals (excluding the football kicker who actually seemed likeable)? Did they hold auditions? Did they ask for bad recommendations? Did they go to Rio Room and Standard Pour and just pick a couple people?

The last question remains the most important - was the show actually created to make fun of Dallas? If that was the goal, job well done! 

If we compare Most Eligible to Big Rich White Trash Texas or Texas Women then we might not conclude it was that bad of a show - but that is like saying the pre-Bradford Detroit Lions weren't bad because they won one game in the 90's.

The reason we have felt the need to address this manifestation of pop culture ruining the world is because it seems that people are still interested in these clowns. Almost every other day we get another hit to our blog from google keyword searches like Matt Nordgren, Tara Harper, or Drew Ginsburg. Who the fuck (please excuse our language but sometimes there is no other word) is still searching for these people? Our sarcastic guess is they are actually googling themselves but that is unverified.

We have not found any real evidence of a Season 2 but we have been a little disturbed that Matt Nordgren has established a "leadership" foundation for youth... Huh? I hate to ask the obvious question but - since when does a crappy reality show make you a leader? This is why it is important for everyone to read the works of Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno!

If you know any kids that need to be led - you can visit the webpage... it looks like all they really do is throw extravagant parties. I bet less of their money goes to doing anything worth while than Invisible Children's goes to finding Mr. Kony

OK... we are even getting bored writing a post about these people so we will cut it short. Remember all opinions expressed on the WUW? page do represent our organization.

Most Eligible Wally,

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Anonymous said...

You are stupid. I care about the show and you biased write-up will not make me change my mind.