Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Greatest Lyricist of Our Time | Nasir Jones - Life is Good

Always excited for a new Nas album... Now we know calling Nas the GOAT is a little controversial. Many of you will want to claim that Jay-Z is a better MC and then probably say something generic about Pac and Biggie. Well all we have to say to you is blah blah blah. If you listen through Nasir's catalogue, not just the radio friendly songs of the mid 90s, you will have a hard time lifting your jaw as you listen to the creativity and depth of his lyrics. It is our theory that Nas refused to let the industry dictate the direction of his music (and more than likely took a stance against the exploitation of hip hop music) and ceased creating music that would be played on Clear Channel stations... But that is just our theory. Make sure you also check out our Best of Nas Spotify Playlist.

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