Thursday, October 4, 2012

Live From Facebook! Is it Now Cool to Talk About Killing the President?

I want us all to focus on one statement here... "it would be a lot cooler is he was" (the responder is talking about if Obama was really murdered) because "the race baiters and communists would be calling for civil unrest." 

Now... Jayme Newton is WUW?'s second favorite person to ever come from Winnsboro, Texas... so we want to make this clear that this post is about whoever Clint is. And for anyone else that thinks it is ok to celebrate the idea of the assassination of our president or the idea that civil rights advocates would be happy about the assassination of our president... we would like to officially send a big fuck you to you. 

You may disagree on economic policy, foreign policy, gay rights, abortion, equality for women, proper treatment for hardworking law abiding mexican immigrants, etc (although we disagree completely with you) but we, as "race baiters," do not take lightly the talk about the death of our president or the idea that we would be happy with the assassination of our president lightly. 

You are the reason that "race baiters exist" because racist ass holes like you exist. 

The Official Clint Stephens Welcome Committee,

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