Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video | Sleeperstar Live at the Grand Stafford Theatre 10-18-12

The WUW? organization humbly began in early 2004 in Los Angeles, California as a mediocre crew hip hop producers, DJs, and cultural philosophers. A few weeks after attending a 19th birthday rollerskating party for Ashley Simpson we met 5 wide eyed, Baylor Bears that had just moved to the city of Angels to record a record under Joe Simpson's (yes the infamous Dallas youth pastor turned pimp and reality tv show "star") Papa Joe Records. 

The band's name was Barefoot and they were fronted by the good looking Chris Pearson. A few years later the WUW? office moved to Dallas and started hosting a local music showcase featuring the likes of Jonathon Tyler, Larry (G)ee, Chris August, and Pearson's newly formed band Sleeperstar. Sleeperstar's first EP was laced with singable choruses, harmonies, and the energy of a pop punk band in an indie pop soundscape. The five piece band has come along way since those shitty soundsystems at Knox Street Pub. They have continued to hone their sound and create energetic songs to shuffle your toes to.

WUW? had the opportunity to watch the matured sounds of Sleeperstar in the booming metropolis of Bryan, Texas (that is the city next to College Station which is the city where Texas A&M is located). Beyond the blended harmonies, keys, killer drumming of Shaun Menary (photographer extraordinaire and former CS resident), we were impressed with the stage presence of Pearson. As comfortable covering Jay-Z and Garth Brooks as he is slamming the keys - Pearson delivers the kind of performance we have come to expect from top 40 mainstays like Maroon Five and the Fray. 

Check out our video footage of Sleeperstar performing live at the Grand Stafford Theatre in Bryan, Texas.

Texas Rain - One of the WUW? crews favorite songs of the evening... Couple problems with the video - The damn video intern is always messing the videos up... he will get it fixed shortly


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