Friday, December 21, 2012

Cleveland Hip Hop Production | The Kickdrums x Dee Goodz - The Higher EP

We first heard of the Cleveland hip hop production duo, The Kickdrums, in 2008 when they remixed Adele's "Melt My Heart" for the Mick Boogie mixtape Adele... 1988. We became instant fans and proceeded to collect every mixtape they released. 

Composed of Alex Fitts (producer, singer, songwriter) and Matt Pentilla (Dj/producer), The Kickdrums have produced tracks and remixes for artists such as Peter Bjorn and John, Kanye West, The Black Kids, Lil Wayne, MGMT, Justice, Talib Kweli, Kidz in the Hall, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, Freeway, and Joe Budden among others. 

The Kickdrums have also released a couple indie rock albums showcasing Fitt's talents as a musician and songwriter - Just a Game, There Might Be Blood, and their official release Meet Your Ghost.

The Higher EP collabo with hip hop artist Dee Goodz, follows their tradition of blended dope hip hop beats and lyrics with the indie rock instrumentation and songwriting that has established The Kickdrums as a leader in the postmodern era of music fusion.

The KickBlogs,

Bonus: Check out some of the Kickdrums remixed tracks on the Smash the System Mixtape.

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