Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome Back to The Postal Service! A Tattered Line of String

Next to Thom Yorke's new project, Atoms for Peace, The Postal Service's new album is our most anticipated album of 2013. Until then, enjoy this new track from their 10th anniversary rerelease of Give Up.

The Postal Blog,

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Austin Indie Pop | Quiet Company - A Dead Man On My Back: Shine Honesty Revisited

Music has had a slow start in 2013 but we were elated to log on to Soundcloud this morning and see that one of our favorite bands from the ATX, Quiet Company, released a new album. Full of piano driven pop songs, QC's new release comes right in time for a happy spring season. 

Blog honestly,

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Christian's Confusion | Re-Writing Bush - A Tortured History

Dick Cheney appeared on the Charlie Rose Show, February 13, 2013, and reaffirmed his commitment to the American use of torture. Since 2001, many Human Rights and government reports have refuted the Bush administrations assertion that torture (enhanced interrogation) is legal, moral, and useful. However, the former administration and many Americans still claim that torture should be used and that they led to the capture of Bin Laden. This blog (originally published on 5-11-11) does not adress these reports but it does address the problematic belief that George. W. Bush is a "good Christian man." 

The most up-to-date report on Torture and the Bush Administration: The Constitution Project's Task Force on Detainee Treatment (2013)

Re-writing Bush | A Tortured History

(Originally published May 5, 2011)
As a follow up to the Bin Laden Facebook Status Awards, WUW? would like to highlight the most ridiculous of all the Facebook updates concerning Obama, Bush, God and Bin Laden:

"Thank You George Bush"
"God Bless America"
"God Bless George Bush"
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