Friday, May 31, 2013

Dallas Hip Hop | Leon the Professional X AYAN - BEAST Reborn

Joining the growing community of new school hip hop in Dallas, Texas, Leon the Professional is making his own mark with a unique style that combines progressive Eastern European production (handled by AYAN) with the east coast meets the south lyricism. Although, Leon the Professional fits well within the musical landscape painted by artists such as Dustin Cavazos, A.Dd+, and the Sore Losers, his style is in a gallery of its own.  

BEAST Reborn, is a reinterpretation of LTP's 2012 (B)east Mixtape, which the Dallas Observer named the top mixtape of that year. Although (B)east, showcased LTP's verbal dexterity over throwback east coast production, the highlight of BEAST Reborn is the sometimes atmospheric and eclectic and sometimes progressive east coast production of Kazakhstan native, Ayan. The pairing of a southern rapper and an Eastern European producer may seem strange, but it is exactly for that reason that BEAST Reborn is able to create a new canvas to paint its own mural.

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