Friday, May 24, 2013

The WUW? Top 5 Hip Hop Groups of All Time

The debate of today at the WUW? headquarters is about the best hip hop groups of all time. But... we decided to make it interesting by excluding the obvious choices as well as duos from our consideration. Our hope is that we may introduce you to some of the most important hip hop groups that you may not be familiar with... You have the WUW? guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Top Obvious Choices (Not in Rank Order):
1. The Fugees
2. Wu-Tang
3. De La Soul
4. Beastie Boys
5. The Roots
6. A Tribe Called Quest
7. Public Enemy
8. N.W.A
9. Run DMC
10. Ghetto Boys
11. Leaders of the New School
12. Cypress Hill
13. Goodie Mob
14. Digital Underground
15. Bone Thugs & Harmony
16. The Pharcyde
17. Naughty By Nature
18. 2 Live Crew
19. Boogie Down Productions
20. Arrested Development

So Here are the Non-Obvious
(or underground if you prefer)
Top 5 Hip Hop Groups of All Time
That We Tentatively Agree On:

1. Jurassic 5



2. The Visionaries

3. Little Brother

4. Slum Village

R.I.P. J Dilla

5. Living Legends


Honorable Mentions: 
Freestyle Fellowship, LA Symphony, Dilated Peoples

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