Thursday, July 25, 2013

South African Hip Hop | Umlilo - Shades of Kwaai EP

This morning one of the WhatUpWally? interns, Cheeto - that's not his real name but that's what we call him because of his love for Cheetos (obviously) - rolled into the office on his razor scooter rocking a pretty dope fanny pack. Although, rolling into the office on a razor and rocking a pretty dope fanny pack should be a story in itself... we have something better. Cheeto woke up this morning listening to the new Blitz the Ambassador track "African in New York"on Soundcloud.

While brushing his teeth and combing his hair another track came up and made Cheeto swallow his toothpaste and stab himself with his comb. 

The track was from a South African producer/rapper and the track as "Living Dangerously." 

We immediately started googling Umlilo to get more information about the creator of this beautiful track but couldn't find much. What we do know is that he is dope, he has a twitter account, and a web page. The Cape Town artist blends K-Os style melodic rhymes and vocals with post dub influenced beats. We were also impressed with the MC Kyla Phil who joins Umlilo on Living Dangerously.

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