Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hip Hop From Ghana, NYC | Blitz the Ambassador - The Warm Up EP (Free Download)

We were first introduced to Ghana born, Kent State educated, and current resident of NYC, Blitz the Ambassador in 2009 when he dropped the album Stereotype - immediately becoming fans. Balancing soft harmonies, aggressive lyrics, and killer production with hard hitting politically and globally conscious rhymes, Blitz's music will make fans dance and force them to think. 

Adding to the ever growing legend of Blitz the MC, The Warm Up Ep is also produced by Blitz and these beats and samples should force other producers to step their game up. 

Stream below and follow the link to download the album for free (or support the artist by "paying what you want").

Click here to download The Warm Up EP

Spotted @ Okayplayer

Blogging About African Hip Hop from Texas,

Bonus: If you like The Warm Up Ep make sure you also check out Stereotype:

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