Monday, August 5, 2013

Live Acoustic Hip Hop | Wonder Brown Live and Acoustic at the Comet in Cincinnati, Ohio 6-19-13

Earlier this summer, we had the chance to hear Cincinnati hip hop artist and good friend of the WUW? crew perform a live acoustic set. Backed by a three piece band consisting of a cellist, bassist, and acoustic guitar, Wonder Brown unleashed a furious blues influenced performance. 

Refusing to be content with traditional hip hop or his personal artistic success, Wonder Brown told us that he has been pushing himself to develop a more holistic performance incorporating more blues style vocals and live instrumentation into his already deep and dense lyrical style. Hip hop comes from the soul and Wonder Brown graciously offered up his soul to be shared with the crowd at the Comet on the Northside of the Nati. 


Make sure you check out Wonder Brown's most recent solo album J.A.W.S., collabo album with Cas Metah - Darke Bros, as well as his work with the Scribbling Idiots Collective - The Have Nots.

Big ups to Abiyah for putting on some great hip hop shows this summer.

You can follow Wonder Brown on the Tweeters @Wonder_Brown and listen to his musical catalogue on Bandcamp.

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