Friday, September 27, 2013

The WhatUpWally? Top 10 Mixtapes of 2013 (So Far)

1. The Black Opera - 80z Babiez to the 2Gz

2. Gilbere Forte - Pray


  3. EL-P & Killer Mike - Run the Jewels

4. World's Fair - Bastards of the Party


5. J-Cole - Truly Yours 2

 6. DJ Nappy Needles - A Tribe Called Kast (A Tribe Called Quest x Outkast 


7. Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap


8. Pete Rock & Camp Lo - 80 Blocks from Tiffany's Pt. 2

9. Nino Augustine - From the Bottom of My Soul

10. Torae - Admission of Guilt

Honorable Mentions:

Dustin Cavazos - Until the Summer Ends

Emilio Rojas - No Shame... No Regrets

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Rapsody - She Got Game

Mac Miller - Delusional Thomas

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KES - Audio Justice
Stream below and jump on this download link while you still can.
Skyzoo & Antman Wonder - An Ode to Reasonable Doubt

 ADD-2 & Khrysis - Between Heaven and Hell Mixtape

A.Dd+ - DiveHiFlyLo: Every Man is King

MELO-X - GOD: Pièce de Résistance (Full Album Stream)

Leon the Professional - (B)east Reborn

Danny Brown - Old (Album Stream)

For those of you who applaud progression but long for the golden days of hip hop, Danny Brown is for you. Moving beyond the stale attempts to reproduce the 90s sound and way beyond the programmatic sounds of what you hear on the radio, Danny Brown succeeds at making your head bob in nostalgia and forces today's MCs to step up their game.


We've been waiting on this mixtape since the sad day we learned of the break up of Kids These Days. Of course, Vic dropped this tape a few days after we released the WUW? top ten mixtapes of 2013 but you can bet this will make the end of the year list! Alongside, Nico Segal's Donnie Trumpet EP, Mensa's solo material helps fill the innovative vacuum left by the dissipation of KTD.

Click here for the download.

The Procussions - The Procussions EP

The Chicago hip hop lineage is as strong as any other city. Following the the progression from Common, No I.D., Kanye, Lupe Fiasco, Consequence, GLC, and Rhymefest to The Cool Kids and Kidz in The Hall - this emerging group of MC's, producers, and musicians inherits the banner of "leaders of the new school." 

Jessica, the WUW? Chicago correspondent, has turned us onto three newcomers who, along with Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa and Nico Segal (of Kids These Days), continue to carry the torch of Chicago Independent Hip Hop.

We are a little behind but WUW?'s Chicago correspondent, Brit Brit Brittany, introduced the office to Nico Segal's (the trumpet player of now disbanded Chicago Hip Hop Band Kids These Days) first sole release - Donnie Trumpet EP. 

Continuing where Kids These Days left off, most readers of WUW? will appreciate Segal's placing the trumpet at the center of this hip hop concept. The EP features KTD's frontman Vic Mensa so it feels like a natural extension of the original band but Segal gets the opportunity to show his skills behind the boards, making beats, rapping, as well as on the golden horn.

Wonder Brown - J.A.W.S. (Just Another Wonderful Struggle)

Carefully crafting lyrics originating from biography and struggle, Wonder Brown (a published poet) represents the antithesis to corporately crafted hooks and dance moves. His music has meaning and if willing, the listener is invited to join the journey of life. As a member of the underground collective, Scribbling Idiots, Wonder Brown has labored hard to perfect his song writing, production, and stage performance. The 10+ years of grinding pay off on Wonder Brown's latest solo project - J.A.W.S. Opting for live instrumental production instead of stale computer programming, Wonder Brown's folk lyrics come to life as he narrates tales from the light and dark side. J.A.W.S., like most superior folk art, requires multiple listening sessions before you are fully able to comprehend what WB is up to on this record. But, once you grow to appreciate Wonder Brown's labor of creativity, this album will continually reveal its multidimensionality.

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