Thursday, October 17, 2013

Eminem: Just a Rap God or The GOAT?

The catalogue of hits, the number of records sold, the sold out shows, the longevity in the game.... as Jay said - "numbers don't lie, check the scoreboard." It looks like Eminem is ready to eat up some or all of these little rappers in the game with their claims of being the next next next version of Big or Pac. When the best rapper of the year is actually a singer and the second best rapper gained legitimacy by diving into pools of well vodka and released the weakest diss track (i mean verse) in rap history, the environment is ripe for Em to come back with a 6 minute song solely designed to remind the world that his bars actually do go for days.

There aren't many hip hop fans that will deny that Em is actually a rap god, but the question is, is he THE rap god? Are you willing to place him above Nas, Biggie, Pac on your GOAT list? 

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