Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Shameless Guilty Pleasures | Justin Bieber X Chance the Rapper - Confident

Each member of the WUW? crew has his or her own pop music guilty pleasure. John's is Miley, Betty's is Limp Bizkit, Frank's is Diddy, Emily's is Puddle of Mud (which we all make fun of her for), and mine is the Biebs! How can you not like the most swagtastic like white kid since Timberlake? 

Regardless of how much we try to hide these dirty little secrets, sometimes you just have to let it out. So when I heard this track with one of the WUW? team's favorite new rapper out of Chicago - Chance the Rapper - I had to go ahead and reveal my teenage style adoration of the Biebs... just listen to the track and you will get it!

Merry happy holidays!

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