Monday, January 20, 2014

Dallas Hip Hop | Dustin Cavazos - When Death Stares You in The Face Mixtape

Another progressive hip hop album from WUW?s favorite D-Town MC. Never comfortable staying in one place, Dustin Cavazos continues to push the barriers of creativity in hip hop. This latest project When Death Stares You in the Face, successfully merges the new school of hip hop with production elements that could easily be the instrumentals from an electronically influenced indie rock band - and not in a Chiddy Bang, take the hottest indie rock song and flip the sample into a cheap cover band style track (no diss to Chiddy Bang as one of the originators of the new school indie flip production).

Although the production is on some that next wave shit, Cavazos, as usual, is able to match or surpass the genius production with his always introspective and emotional lyrics. 

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