Thursday, January 23, 2014

Southern Nerd Rap | GQ Marley - DREAM II: Revenge of the Nerd

We are pleased to introduce you to the newest WUW? affiliated hip hop artist, GQ Marley.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, GQ graduated from Texas A&M University where he found his voice and made the tough decision to dedicate his life to his art.

DREAM II is the second official mixtape release from GQ Marley and represents the 
dreams of an everyday NERD with a story to tell. Reflecting on his hopes & fears and triumphs & tragedies, GQ has crafted a complete album balancing club anthems with intense lyrical narratives.

Holding it down behind the boards, Platinum Pat taps into the essence of Marley's style and stories with beats that make you move and allow you to think. 

Both the producer and the MC shine when Platinum Pat flips a Lauryn Hill Sample (track 4) and Marley channels his inner college dropout letting us in on all the wisdom Kanye has provided a generation of stereotype bending hip hop youngstas (track 2). 

Pat & Marley display some serious chemistry when Pat leaves the boards and enters the booth to contribute to the club banger "Burn it Down" and the coming of age tale "Against the Grain."

Overall, DREAM II is about as solid of a release you can get from a truly independent artist. Make sure you follow GQ Marley on twitter at and Platinum Pat at

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