Wednesday, July 9, 2014

London Southern Blues Rock | Greighwolfe - Black EP (Free Download)

The distance between the UK and the US has never been far when it comes to the blues, soul, and good old fashion rock music. From the 60s British Invasion, when the Rolling Stones Europeanized the American soul sound, to the recent radio takeover of Sam Smith, our friends and former colonizers have continued to master the sound that sings the blues to the American soul. 

Greighwolfe, exists in that same oceanic gap where R&B, soul, southern rock, and the blues floats beneath the surface of public consciousness, sometimes peeking its head above the charts, but most of the time remaining submerged beneath the waves of popular music. 

Greighwolfe's sound exemplifies the best of all worlds, combining the southern rock sensibilities of The Black Keys and the dark synthetic sounds of The Weeknd. Never giving into the cliche, Greighwolfe vibes within diverse tempos and styles to place his flag in between the crashing waves of transformation to create beautiful and innovative music.

Stream below and head on over to Soundcloud for the download.

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