Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cincinnati Hip Hop | The Innovative Sounds of Buggs tha Rocka & Cincinnati's Black Music Legacy

Last December, Buggs tha Rocka released Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet. After spinning the album for a good three months, the WUW? crew is convinced that Buggs is the next to blow. With mainstream accessibility and underground creativity, Buggs is driving in the same lane as K Dot, Lupe, and J. Cole. 

Cincinnati is ground zero for some of the most innovative hip hop in the nation. The legacy of 90s underground pioneers like Reflection Eternal (Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli), Mood (Main Flow, Donte, and Jahson), J Rawls, Lone Catalysts, Five Deez, Napoleon Maddox of IsWhat? and Mr. Dibbs set the bar high for the Cincinnati new school artists like Buggs tha Rocka and his band Gold Shoes, Sleep and 2 Man Cypher, Ill Poetic, Tanya Morgan, Those Guys, CJ the Cynic, Jermiside, Monte C. Benjamin, , Suave and Under New Order, and Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, and Cas Metah of the Scribbling Idiots

The city once predicted to be what Motown became, has raised some of the most influential black musicians in American history: Mamie Smith, Bootsy Collins, The Isley Brothers, Nicole C. Mullen, and Hi-Tek (and of course L.A. Reid)

Integral to the Jazz scene of the 20s and 30s, the Nati "drew jazz and blues musicians from all over the country" to perform at popular jazz spots and record at Gennett Studios - which is where Louis Armstrong laid down his first recordings.

Syd Nathan's legendary record label King Records, the early home of James Brown as well as Nina Simone and Charlie Feathers, was one of the most important indie labels to bring forth the R&B fusion of country, blues, and jazz - that would become knows as Rock & Roll in the early 60s. 
“While no single city has naming rights as the birthplace of rock ’n’ roll, the elements that made rock ’n’ roll — the blend of country, blues and the big beat — were being created at King Records,” said Larry Nager, former pop music editor for several Cincinnati dailies and the author of the book “Memphis Beat.” “Whether it was the big-voiced jump blues of Wynonie Harris or the hillbilly boogie of Moon Mullican, these were the records that the first generation of rock ‘n’ rollers were cutting their teeth on.” New York Times 2009
Cincinnati has continued to be a city hospitable to eclectic artists prone to pushing hip hop boundaries - a tradition that Buggs carries forth proudly. 

Steady on his grind, Buggs has linked up with Cincinnati Legend Donte (from the group Mood) to form the Space Invadaz. Capitalizing on their SXSW buzz, Buggs and Donte have recently joined Talib Kweli and Immortal Technique on tour.

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