Tuesday, July 12, 2016

College Station Hip Hop | GQ Marley - "Quaalude$" (Prod. Platinum Pat)

Last week, GQ Marley (aka Your Favorite Nerd Rapper's Favorite Nerd Rapper) dropped a downtempo lyrical post-trap banger powered by the the newest third coast beat guru Platinum Pat. 

Marley & Pat have set the blogosphere on fire with this one. Quaaludes has already amassed over 4k streams on Soundcloud and the momentum is just beginning to build. 

"Quaaludes" can easily be interpreted as just another drug inspired addition to the molly raps that have flooded the hip hop scene. However, if you listen closely, you will recognize how the clever punchlines and vocal inflections of GQ compliment the ways in which Pat's beat evolves as the song progresses. 

The WhatUpWally? crew has been paying close attention to the Marley & Pat team since 2012 when we first came across the young MC's debut mixtape Dream: Dare and Risk Everything to Achieve More

In a internet music world where rappers abound, it is rare to encounter an MC and a Producer that approach their music and their career as seriously as GQ Marley and Platinum Pat. Not just a hobby, these two have pushed each other and their sound to the next level with each release.

Marley's third full length project, My Bad Side Effects, is scheduled to drop August 2016. 

Until then check out his latest project D.R.E.A.M II: Revenge of the Nerd:

Also check out the work Marley has done with his Graduate$ partner Doc Strange:

And... of course... make sure you follow GQ on the internets:
The Facebook: facebook.com/GQMarleyMusic/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/gqmarley420

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GQ Marley and Doc Strange are The Graduate$:
Doc Strange on Twitter: twitter.com/itsDOCSTRANGE

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