Monday, July 18, 2016

Detroit Street Conscious Hip Hop | Helios Hussain - "8 Mile" (Video & Download)

"8 Mile" description from Helios's Soundcloud page:
"As both a video and audio single, '8 Mile' explores themes of personal frustration with the popularized obsession of what is truly an abhorrent, dystopian reality in ghettos and gangs, as popularized by acts like Eminem. 
The work acts as a statement, as if to say 'you may think you like these things, but let us show and tell you reality,' directed to the audience. 
The lifestyle Helios lays bare in this track leads to enslavement and deaths of a lot of young black men, as metaphorically depicted in the film's visuals, as well as calling for a renewed push against these plaguing stereotypes."

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