Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Say it Loud... Fuck the Police! | American Patriotism in the Face of Systemic Racism

As an American citizen, the violations of civil liberties perpetrated by the Baton Rouge Police Department should enrage you.

Watch this video as the the military tank-like truck starts driving into the crowd Black Lives Matter protestors:

A brief thought for "We the People" to think on:

Rich white conservatives that arm themselves against the state and say "fuck the national government" are considered patriotic and then elected to the senate.

Black folks that get profiled, beat, and murdered by the government's law enforcement arm and say "fuck the police" are considered enemies of the state and stripped of their civil liberties.

Not simply ironic ... It's called racial oppression ... It's systemic.

So... Where we are at right now as far as Liberty and justice for all...

"Fuck the Police" is the most patriotic thing one can say!

So, if you believe in a more just world and a better America, say it loud:

Fuck the Police!

Blogging against police violence and systemic racism,

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