Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Historical Continuity of White Racism in Public Discourse: Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and the Dallas Police Shootings

I'm sitting at Starbucks and over hear this convo:

Barista 1: "They are rioting in Dallas"

Barista 2: "What about"

Barista 1: "I don't know, black lives matter or something"
Barista 2: "Like, over that Minnesota thing"Barista 1: "Yeah they are rioting"

Ok hold the fuck up!

Y'all gotta to stop calling protests riots and acting surprised that a protest is peaceful! Like white folks are so surprised that black protests could be peaceful.

The legacy of civil protest by black Americans is a lesson in what civilized humanity looks like.

You cried when you watched Selma but all the sudden forget about all the videos of civil rights protesters getting the dogs unleashed on them, sprayed with fire hoses, and beat with clubs. Yet protesters demonstrated the highest order of humanity in the face of such violence.

Lest we forget ... King and the crew marched because of white terrorism - the lynchings, hangings, shootings, church burnings, brutal beatings, the destruction of black homes and businesses.

You are the same muffugas that would have been blaming King for the violence enacted against the protesters. Yet the dignity displayed the pursuit of true democracy and human rights. Black Americans have forced America to move towards its highest ideals (although we go two steps forward and 20 steps back).

White Americans have benefited from this pursuit of liberty and justice and have also been betrayed by the same surveillance techniques of COINTELPRO (you think the patriot act just came out of no where).

In the face of beatings and the continuation of lynchings, unjust imprisonments, and the hateful rhetoric spewed by Nixon and co. - 

Malcom, Garvey, the Panthers and the NOI stood tall and said fuck this system, we are going to protect our lives and our dignity by any means necessary. This was necessitated because white citizens and police never stopped murdering innocent black Americans.

What did you say? Malcolm is a terrorist, a violent thug, he's unAmerican, he's a communist, he's a racist, he's hateful!

No! That is you! You wouldn't stop spewing hateful rhetoric inside and outside of your churches... You wouldn't stop murdering black Americans.

After officers were acquitted for murdering innocents and as the civil rights era came to a close, Watts went up in flames as did the cities across America. Cities that you abandoned because you were forced to integrate. You said desegregation was a violation of your Liberty - your freedom to legally oppress and murder was stolen from you.

Then you laughed and said the riots were proof that you were right... That blacks were not fully human ... Animals ... Savages.

Your politicians won your votes by promising law & order. They promised they would put the niggers in their place. They assassinated the leaders of the civil rights movement and locked up the rest. Then they built prisons and created new laws to incarcerate black Americans. Then they privatized those prisons and allowed the new white plantation owners to make millions.

The same laws and prisons that they are now putting your precious suburban heroin addicts in... The laws you now decry as unjust.

And you rewarded your beloved leaders. You elected Reagan and bush and allowed them to privatize the world, ship your jobs overseas, and destroy your unions. You gladly allowed them to strip you off your rights in order to ensure that blacks would never be treated as full citizens. You have suffered because of your hateful spirit and your ignorance.

You have tuned into to the racist propaganda machine headed by the most wealthy white men in the world. You have allowed fox to turn your brains to mush. Your happily display your ignorance and hate on social media and live in communities that you have created to keep blacks out of.

And you project your own sinful violent spirit onto black Americans.

You refuse to see the way that racism has ensured the rich get richer and you get poorer.

You deny racial oppression even with a new video each week displaying unarmed innocent black Americans getting murdered by the same police you vow your undying loyalty.

You accuse these dead victims of being thugs that deserve to die.

You cry that your guns are being taken and your Liberty is being stolen while you justify the actual denial of Liberty every day. You claim a black man is not entitled to a judge, a jury ,or even the basic right to breath.

You sit on the juries that acquit these murderers and convict black teenagers for carrying a small amount of weed.

You sentence them to 15 years for minor drug offenses. You make the prison overlords more money and then go celebrate the 4th of July.

You ask what is wrong with these thugs as the anger and emotion boils over. You call uprisings riots - peaceful protests riots. You do exactly what you did in the 60s and 70s - you say why can't these animals act right.

Then you get off on the next video and blame the next thug and celebrate murder.
All this while you worship at your million dollar alters and praise your Jesus - the same Jesus that despises you and promises to say "depart from me" as you beg to enter heavens gates.

But you don't have a violent religion that's those colored folks that worship allah... And you celebrate your leaders as they genocide arab and Muslim countries with faceless drones.

After all this... Every hateful word, every act of violence, every moment of defeaning silence you simply say "I'm not a racist" and because you see yourselves and your Aryan brotherhood as virtuous moral people - that is all it takes to prove your not a racist!

But Jesse Jackson is the real racist, deray is the real racist, black lives matter is racist hatred, Shaun King is a racist.... The latest black man shot in the back is the thug racist. You are innocent because you never owned slaves.

Get over it you say. Stop playing the race card. Stop complaining and being lazy and get a fucking job you say.

Then another hashtag

another spectacle

another murderous cop found innocent,

another protest

another your riot....

"They" are guilty you are innocent. Not all cops. All lives matter.

Another mugshot. Another "well what did he do to deserve it."

He must've done something because the virtuous white cops wouldn't just shoot an innocent citizen.

See! he had a criminal record, he had a gun, he didn't have a gun but he might have, that video of the cop dropping the gun next to a man laid face down in.his own blood was doctored. We are good they are bad. Make America great again. Thanks Obama. Praise Jesus and fuck the Muslims!

You've turned virtue into evil and evil into virtue. You've defiled your faith. But you still live on because you live in a society founded on white supremacy ... But your not racist... Your just a young and dumb frat boy singing a little nursery rhyme.

"Why are those animals rioting?" "I don't know black lives matter or something"

You justify the legalized murder of black Americans but you're still bumpin Future, Drake, and Beyonce.

Standing in formation screaming out:
All lives matter! 
Build that wall! 
Make America great again!
That thug deserved it!

But none of this truth matters to you because your people own the media, the congress, the economy and you will never have to fear not returning to your family because of a broken tail light or because a white officer chose to pull you over because "nose is flat."

White America you have sold out democracy, reason, and morality to maintain your white privilege!

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