Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chicago Hip Hop | Lando Chill - "Freedom" (Prod. DJQ)

Soundcloud and Bandcamp are the only music streaming platforms that we support with our streams, downloads, and purchases. Not that it makes much of a difference but this is our way to say "fuck your algorithmic forms of payola" to the music industry.

We still ride with Soundcloud, despite the ways in which it has bowed down to the pressures of the industry, for one main reason:

Every week, the WUW? crew gathers at the office to pass the aux chord and share with each other new artists, albums, and tracks that we have discovered, have been suggested by one of our many, what we call, "Local Dope Scouts" across the nation, or have been submitted for review. 

These glorious staff meetings have been known to last from 11am until happy hour (we have a company policy that states no employee is allowed to show up for work before 10:30 am).

Sorry, we got sidetracked... back to why we still ride with Soundcloud. Soundtrack is still WUW?'s preferred streaming platform because the "next track played" formula always introduces us to heavenly sounds and artists we haven't heard.

Today was one of those days, although today wasn't a staff meeting day. 

Regardless, Armando (WUW?'s newest intern) was jamming that new-ish Zach de la Rocha track and what followed captivated the entire office - even Bob the janitor!

All the sudden, the heavenly voice of Stevie Nicks sang through blasted through the house speakers, brought back to life through  DJQ's dopely (yeah we just invented that word) sampled version of Fleetwood Mac's "Freedom" (1977). 

Yup... that's exactly what we were thinking.

Then we heard the fresh cadence of one of Mello Music Group's newest MCs - Lando Chill

By the time the Chi-Town native's first verse faded back into the Nicks sampled hook, we had completely invaded Armando's personal space obnoxiously demanding he run it back.

After you finish listening to "Freedom" again, it won't be hard to agree that DJQ's "Freedom" sample perfectly fuses with Lando's race conscious demands for freedom.

Go back and listen to it again!

And then head over to Bandcamp and listen/purchase his new album For Mark, Your Son:

Blogging Towards Aesthetic and Political Freedom,

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