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#CincinnatiHipHop OG Legends | John Doe 1200 Hobos - Return from Tomorrow: Beyond and Back (2004)

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Canton, Ohio Hip Hop | Jéan P The MC - Joke's On You (2019)

#OhioHioHop #CantonHipHop 

Finally getting around to giving Jèan P The MC's new album a proper listen. Isht is dope!

We are working on a couple 330/513 show swaps in 2020. Looking forward to exploring more of the Ohio hip hop world!

Stream Joke's on You below:

Monday, November 4, 2019

WhatUpWally's 2019 Cincinnati Hip Hop AOTY Nominees

Khari - Sinsinnati
J. Sands - The Black Revolution
AC The Entity & MC Till - Power of the Mind
Juice Lee - The Epic of John Fung 2: Kumite on Dim-Mak Island
Cas Metah - Guest Room 2
Donwill - One Word No Space
Grimez - Tip of the Spear
Theory Hazit & Krum - Here’s Mud in Your Eye
pERez - E U P H O R I A
*YoN L.i. - A Mic and a Drink Pt. 2: The Intoxication

F.A.M.E. & YoN L.i. - Thursdays
K. Savage - Ight Bet
Papa Gora - It’s Gonna Cost You
Ronin Halloway - Pressure
J. Rawls & John Robinson - Youth Culture Power
Doctor Bionic - Electro-Magnetic
Big18Foot - Hogwash
Chris Crooks - The Growth EP
Oski Isaiah - Fuck a Job
DJ Wavy Moe - From the Uptown With Love, Vol. 1
Grand Ace - Also Codachrome
Homage CVG - Unfortunately
F.A.M.E. & Phonz - That Pressure 2
Boogie Bang & e.kwality (Redeyeblue) - Poetic Injustice
Juan Cosby - Immortal Jellyfish
Peso Gordon - Peso Fuego
Theory Hazit - I Love It Down Here
Jasiah - Jasiah I Am
P the Emcee - SumWordz
Kenfolklore (Gifted9 x Stallitix) - Of the People
Everybody's Hip Hop Label - Respect, the Album
Sudan Archives - Athena 

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Dallas Hip Hop | Dandii Sun - Blickity (2019)

New album from Dandii Sun - Blickity (2019)

We've been following Dallas area alternative hip hop artist Dandii Sun since he released - Sundialing from Dallas - four years ago.

Hella excited to check out this new album because Sundialing is one of those few albums that I remember exactly where I was and how excited it made me feel 
when I first heard it!


Check out Sundialing from Dallas (2016):

#CincinnatiHipHop | Homage CVG x Keith Murray - "Bounce Right Back"

#CincinnatiHipHop OG Legend | Fat Jon - Tephlon Funk: The Free Tape (2016)

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#CincinnatiHipHop From Cinci to Austria | Boogie Bang & e.kwality - Poetic Injustice (2019)

#CincinnatiHipHop | Boogie Bang & Prospek - The Baracus Brothers (2016)

"Like a back-alley brawl, award-winning New Orleans producer Prospek and critically-acclaimed Cincinnati emcee Boogie Bang come in swinging on their new album The Baracus Bros. In the spirit of B.A. himself, the tandem combines to give us nine tracks of gold rings to the chin, leaving the listener bruised up and begging for more. 

Prospek has worked with a multitude of reputable artists and won 2010 New Orleans producer of the year. 

Boogie also has achieved sterling marks throughout his rap career, partnering with industry powers like Napoleonsolo and jazz fusion ensemble Iswhat!? with whom he scored a 2013 european music award for best urban single for the song "Hands up" also working with artist such as DJ Ekwality, Ed OG, Fashawn, M1 from Dead Prez, Sizzla and others found within his illustrious portfolio. Together, they form a badass hip-hop team that brings the pain from start to finish." - Written by Bryan Burke
released June 1, 2016 

All songs produced by Prospek 
All words written by Boogie the Bang 
Turntables provided by D.J Ekwality of Redeyeblue and Da Groove

Monday, October 21, 2019

#CincinnatiHipHop OG Legends | J. Sands x Piakhan x Wordsworth - "Blessed" (prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow)

#CincinnatiHipHop #CincinnatiOGLegends 

Digging in the digital crates and came up with this crazy collaboration: 
J. Sands x Wordsworth x Piakhan - "Blessed" 
Produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow 2013


Friday, October 18, 2019

#CincinnatiHipHop | pERez - E U P H O R I A (2019)

#CincinnatiHipHop | YoN L.i. - Gamer Junkies (2016)

1. Round One (J-Skillz feat. Fortune) 02:39
2. Charge It To The Game (YoN L.i. Feat. Jova, Blaze Sixx) 03:55
3. Transform (JQ, Santino Corleon Ray Fanali, Blaze Sixx, Safi DA Jedi) 04:09
4. CRASH (Lantana Feat. Donald Kent) 02:47
5. Game On (feat.Josie) 03:38
6. I See Dead People (Exquistie feat. J Skillz, Dolo) 04:12
7. Perfect (Leggon, Lamon Freemind, J Gean) 03:50
8. Helmet (Megaran feat. Roqy Tyraid, Juice Lee, YoN L.i.) 04:54
9. 513 Rage Street (Lamon Freemind, YoN L.i. , Santino Corleone, Phonzireli, Safi Da Jedi, Fame) 03:34
10. Just Do It (YoN L.i. , Prodi Reign) 03:05
11. Stop Clock (Emaq, Jerome, Blaze Sixx, Yon l.i., prodi Regin, Trey G) 03:58
12. The Life Of Link (Gene Boy, YoN L.i.) 04:17
13. 10-4 (Vic Gotti feat. Oski, J-Geans) 03:29
14. Finish Him (Q-Easy, Prodi Reign, Yung Ceq, Pyranha Tank, Chris simmons, Trey G) 03:20
15. Save The World (Sir Woo, BLaze Sixx, YoN L.i., Ebony, Proy The Great, Lamon Freemind, JQ) 04:41

#CincinnatiHipHop Classic | Modus x Drapa - "Cincinnati, Where You At?"

#CincinnatiHipHop | Modus Operandi X Wolfmane - "Multiply"

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Baton Rouge Street Conscious Hip Hop | Marcel P. Black - In Search of the Black Messiah (2019)

WhatUpWally?'s most anticipated
underground hip hop album of 2019! 

Marcel P. Black - In Search of the Black Messiah (2019) 

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

#CincinnatiHipHop | Vincent Vega - Man on Fire (2011)

Debut album. Released July 30th, 2011. Timeless. 1. @00.00 - Insane Introduction feat. J-Skillz & Emaq 2. @04:30 - Life feat. Macho Means & NJ prod. by M-80 3. @08:00 - Be Careful 4. @12:04 - Bring The Music Back feat. Various Artists 5. @18:06 - Hear Every Rhyme prod. by Yon Li 6. @21:42 - Ride Feat J-Skillz 7. @24:41 - Upper Echelon feat. Trademark Aaron 8. @27:46 - Cincy Cypher feat Various Artists 9. @35:04 - Starving Artist prod. by M-80 10. @39:01 - MoreThanASpace feat. Various Artist 11. @42:08 - Man On Fire 12. @46:07 - The Distance feat. CJ the Cynic & AC the Entity Tracks 1,3,4,6,11 & 12 all produced by J-Skillz. Follow @VincentVega513 Like

Monday, July 29, 2019

#CincinnatiHipHop Turntablists | John Doe /1200 Hobos - The A.M. Sessions (While You Were Sleeping) (2000)

Thursday, July 25, 2019

#CincinnatiHipHop Nerdcore | Juice Lee - The Epic of John Fong 2: Kumite on Dim Mak Island (2019)

From The Juice Lee Bandcamp:

"John Fong, 7 years ago you did the impossible. You stopped the infamous Tom Chang and his mysterious green dragon gang. You recovered critical information that would have destroyed the yang financial empire and saved your family in the process. The CIA needs your skills now more than ever. It's come to our attention there is a secret martial arts tournament being held on Dim Mak Island off the coast of Hong Kong. We've sent our best agents to infiltrate the tournament they've either come up dead or missing. You're our last hope in finding out who's behind this secret tournament.Your mission: Find out what happened to our agents and if possible stop whoever is behind this Kumite We believe in you Fong, and more importantly we believe in your Kung-Fu

Dark chi is brewing in the south china Sea. And Master Pan Lei has been killed by evil mystic Ninjas. John Fong has been drawn to the tournament on the mystical Dim Mak Island for one thing REVENGE. Will fong be able to survive the deadly Kumite and the defeat of the Mysterious Mr Shen or will he become another Sacrifice for Isle of Dim Mak?

FIND OUT IN THE EPIC OF JOHN FONG 2: Kumite on Dim Mak Island."

released July 24, 2019

From the man behind the man behind the rapping man: 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Cincinnati Hip Hop | Crazy New Visuals from Ill Poetic

In collaboration with visionary artist and director Keenan Parry, Definition Music is proud to present “An Idiot’s Guide to Anarchy” short film; a beautiful, chaotic and riveting piece of animation.

Inspired by the album’s lead single “8:44”, this short film mashes together the blissful naiveté of pre-9/11 America with the cynicism and nihilism of our present day, all through the eyes of two children watching the world around them crumble moments before a plane hits a tower. This surreal visual is the latest installment of Ill Poetic’s critically acclaimed “An Idiot’s Guide to Anarchy” (Definition Music) project. Described by Ill Po as “an album about realizing there are no rules out here, both in the real world and creative life”, the decade-in-the-making self-produced and released project was hailed by critics as “a truly unique creation...mixing jazz, funk, modern and classic hip-hop, house, dance and performance art”.

What started in November 2017 as a 2LP vinyl release has continued to progress and transform, both in art and business. No longer just an album, Ill Po has fleshed the philosophy of “An Idiot’s Guide to Anarchy” into a 16-week college curriculum on the subject of artist entrepreneurship. This Spring saw Ill Po offering a series of guest lectures and workshops at various California and Ohio universities offering students a broad overview of the tenants, resources and options that exist in creating a sustainable and tangible self-governed career in the anarchic industry of music. These lectures will continue and expand to new regions as the curriculum continues to develop.

In the meantime, “An Idiot’s Guide to Anarchy” short film is debuting today HERE.

You can stream or purchase the deluxe 2LP Vinyl to “An Idiot’s Guide to Anarchy” album HERE. Stay tuned for more surprises and announcements from this ongoing project.

Lastly, Ill Poetic will be hitting the road both on the festival circuit and the lecture circuit, click a venue for ticket info:

July 17 - San Diego @ AC Lounge
July 21 - Video Release Party, Columbus, OH @ TBA
July 27 - Columbus, OH @ 2x2 Festival (Concert Performance)
July 28 - Columbus, OH @ 2x2 Festival (EDU Workshop)
September 19 - Cincinnati, OH @ Elementz Youth Center (Workshop, details TBA)
September 21 - Cincinnati, OH Overcast Festival @ Top Cats

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#CincinnatiHipHop | WhatUpWally?'s Dopest Albums of the Decade

In no particular order, 
this is the WhatUpWally? crew's evolving 
Dopest Albums of the Decade Nominees List.

Think we missed something? 

Tell us which album(s) and why.

The Nominees Are:

Lone Catalysts - Back to School (2010)

Theory Hazit and Wonder Brown (Clicka Klackah) -  Pushing Keys (The Archives) (2010) 

Theory Hazit and LMNO - Determined to Fly (2010)

Hi-Tek & Talib Kweli - Revolutions Per Minute (2010)

ISWHAT?! - Big Appetite (2010)

Wonder Brown - The Gallows (2010)

J. Sands - K.R.Sands The Mixtape (2011)

The Donuts - The Raw Deal (2011)

Vincent Vega - Man on Fire (2011)

J. Rawls - The Hip Hop Affect (2011)

Jermiside - Live and Let Live (2011)

Tanya Morgan - You & What Army (2011)

Ill Poetic - Synesthesia: The Yellow Movement (2012)

Mr. Dibbs - DEADWORLD REBORN (2012)

Juice Lee - It's Unclear At This Point (2012)

Jibri & Eclipse Movement - Around the World (2012)

Wonder Brown - J.A.W.S. (2013)

CJ The Cynic & Kyle David - The Field Work (2013)

Jermiside - A Dream of Consciousness (2013)

Huntorprey - The Motion Sound Picture (2013)

Sleep - Branded: The Damon Winton Story (2014)

Scribbling Idiots - Invitation Only (2014)

Buggs Tha Rocka - Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet (2014)

Sleep - The H.W. Bush /Clinton Era (2015)

Ilyas - Transformation Pt. 1 (2015)

Mood - Into the Mood (2015)

Jibri & Eclipse Movement - Blind (2015)

Sleep - All Men Must Die... But You First (2016)

The Watusi Tribe - Dim Mak (2016)
Ill Poetic - An Idiots Guide to Anarchy (2017)
Homage CVG - Gamma (2017)

Lone Catalysts - Culture (2017)

Devin Burgess & Xzela - Celestial Love (2017)

Prodi Reign - Thronecoming (2017)

Boogie Bang & Beeb - The High Rize EP (2017)

K'Neh Wayne - K'Neh, Myself, and I (2018)

D-Eight - Jolie: The Swooty McDurman Project (2018)

Devin Burgess - Trash (2018)

Homage CVG - Hacienda (2018)

Analog Panda - Bastard Moon (2018)

Spirit - Now More Than Ever EP (2018)

Chris Crooks - Chess Not Checkers (2018)

Grand Ace - The Feel Good EP (2018)

Papa Gora - H.O.P.E.: Based on a Village in West Africa (2018)

Sorg and Napoleon - Checkin Us (2018)

Jay Wiz - Divergent (2018)

M'Azn - Honestly Stated (2018)

Jermiside (The Clip Kingz) - Legacy of Kings (2018)

Deon CanRap - Trillmatic (2018)

Allen4President - The President's Room (2018)

Donte the Gr8 - Tay Dilla (2018)

J-Skillz - Testimonializm: The Symphony in J Minor (2018)

Flocks - Flocks (2018)

Eugenius - Of Age (2018)

Kelby Savage - Foreverlove (2018)

Donwill - One Word No Space (2019)

AC The Entity - Power of the Mind (2019)

Grimez - Tip of the Spear (2019)

Juice Lee - The Epic of John Fung 2: Kumite on Dim-Mak Island (2019)

Khari Burton- Sinsinnati (2019)

J. Sands - The Black Revolution (2019)

Cas Metah - Guest Room 2 (2019)

F.A.M.E. & Yon L.I. - Thursdays (2019)

J. Sands & J. Dilla - Mrs. Sands: A Love Story (2007/2019)

J. Rawls & John Robinson (JayAre) - Youth Culture Power (2019)

Boogie Bang & e.kwality (Red Eye Blue) - Poetic Injustice (2019)

Theory Hazit & Krum - Here's Mud In Your Eye (2019)

Theory Hazit - I Love It Down Here (2019)

Not all of these albums are available on Spotify, but the albums that are can be streamed on our Spotify playlist:


We are accepting suggestions and submissions - drop links in the comments section.

Always seeking GOATS,